The main aim of technology is to reduce the stress accompanied with carrying out daily activities. One of those daily activities/tasks we as 21st-century beings carry out is recharging the airtime on our smartphones so that we can make calls and surf the internet.

FCMB existing in the 21st century has managed to apply technological improvements in the process it’s customers go through in purchasing airtime, creating a service that allows their customers to purchase airtime from their Bank using USSD codes directly from their phone. I


In this article, I am going to be giving a comprehensive tutorial, on how to purchase airtime on your phone as well as purchasing airtime for phone numbers not registered with FCMB using your phone.

Why Should You Use FCMB Airtime Recharge Code?

It saves you stress, saves your time and gives you peace of mind with assurance from FCMB.
You won’t have to bother about leaving your house to purchase from a physical retailer, time of the day isn’t a constraint, you can purchase airtime using FCMB recharge code.

How To Use FCMB Recharge Code To Purchase Airtime

As already said, this service is a product of technology, it is meant to make life easier, so the whole process is as simple as saying it.
Before you can actually enjoy this service, there are some prerequisites:

  • Opening an account with FCMB
  • Linking your phone number to your FCMB account
  • Having sufficient funds (depending on the amount of airtime you wish to purchase)

With FCMB recharge code, you can either purchase airtime for your line ( the phone number you registered with FCMB) or for other lines, like the lines that belong to your family or friends.

Purchasing Airtime for Your Line via FCMB USSD

  • Dial *329*amount #


  • Dial *329#

Purchasing airtime for family and friends via FCMB USSD

  • Dial *329*amount*phone number#


  • Dial *329#

Here you have it, the complete process to easily purchase airtime or top-up credit using the FCMB Airtime Recharge Code USSD on a mobile phone without access to the internet. Hope you did love this post. Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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