When you think of getting regular traffic and readers to your blog post, aweber and feedburner comes into mind. This post would teach you if you really need an alternative to switch to services like Aweber from, feedburner, you can decide after reading this post which option is good or best superior feed service to use.

aweber an alterntive to feedburner, which is better

FeedBurner vs Aweber.

FeedBurner uses Feed-based technology (RSS and Atom) to send updates to your blog subscribers. It is owned by Google since 2007.

It lets a site visitor subscribes to your feed and every time you add a new post, a message is sent to them alerting them of the addition. The subscriber now needs a feed reader to read the post. Now an option for email subscription is also aailable on feedburner.

Aweber is an email-based technology that allows you to send automated email messages to your subscribers. It works just like a feed but does not require a feed-reader, it only requires an email address to subscribe to a blog.

Advantages of FeedBurner over Aweber

– FeedBurner is free while Aweber costs money. If you are a newbie blogger or a pro blogger who doesn’t wish to spend some extra dollars on feed services, I sure bet you would stick to feedburner. Aweber Aweber can cost you about $20-$100 per month, though it is dependent on the number of subscribers you have.

– FeedBurner takes less effort. Once you make a new post, it automatically publishes the feeds to your subscribers. But with auto- responders such as Aweber, you have to manually setup the messages and sequence them (but you can now set up a blog broadcast in Aweber, which creates an automatic email newsletter).

– FeedBurner supports both feed readers and email subscribers while Aweber supports only email subscriptions.

Advantages of Aweber over Feedburner

– In Aweber, you can sequence messages to be sent to email subscribers, while in feedburner, they only recieve updates from your blog. This means that your subscribers only get alerts for posts that are added after they subscribe. Feedburner alerts.

– In feedBurner, you cannot send alerts on older post to a new subscriber, but Aweber has the ability to send updates concerning older posts to your new email subscriber.

– In Aweber, you can set messages to be sent to yor subscribers and even set the time interval for each mail to be sent, but its not possible with feedburner.

– Aweber is highly customizable in the sense that you can make subscribers feel like he is known on a personal basis. For instance messages can be sent with the name of subscriber like (Hi Oscar,), You can start up the message with the persons name.

In conclusion if you have a small budget and do not see the need to send newsletters to your email subscribers then Feedburner is for you. If not, then go for Aweber.

Tell us which service you are making use of in the comment box below. Is it another service, Feedburner or Aweber.


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