Online sports betting has exploded over the last decade and it’s no wonder why. Now you have the power to choose how, who and when you want to bet more than ever.

Coinciding with the rise in online betting is the increased use of smartphones and mobile devices. Never has it been easier and more convenient to bet on the go, wherever you are in the world and whenever you want.

Best Gaming Apps

With such a massive range of choice on offer it can sometimes be difficult to know which one to choose. Not to worry, we’re here to guide you to help you choose the best betting apps for your bets today!

1. Availability and Accessibility

It might seem obvious but it pays to go with a betting site that actually offers a betting app!

Still not sure what betting site is best for you? Consult an expert betting guide with a full list of betting companies in Nigeria before you go any further.

What’s more is you want a betting app that doesn’t take up too much memory on your phone!

2. Functionality

The second step is functionality, something often overlooked by players looking to choose a betting app but vital nonetheless. Note the brand, model and operating system of your smartphone or tablet. It’s important to make sure you have an up to date version of the operating system.

You want your betting app to be smooth, quick and fun to use, it’s a big plus if it’s easy on the eye as well.

3. Security

You can’t be too careful these days. Make sure that you pick an internationally renowned betting site with a solid reputation. When it comes to betting apps, generally speaking, the bigger the betting site, the better. Not only does it mean you can trust the betting site itself, but you also know that the security measures they employ on their betting app will contain state of the art encryption software.

4. Range of Features

This is a big one. You want to make sure that your betting app doesn’t limit you in any way. You want your betting app to offer the full range of features you would have access to if you were using a desktop computer. In fact some of the best betting apps these days can often provide an even better experience than if you were using a desktop.

You want to ensure you have access to all the sports odds markets you would normally enjoy. It’s good to note that if your betting site offers online casino or other betting services such as poker and games that sometimes there is a separate app from sports betting.

Think about odds, live betting, live streaming and payment methods. If your app has all of these features then you’re onto a winner.

5. Free of Charge!

Take note that all of the biggest and best-betting sites offer betting apps to their customers for free. Any betting apps that are trying to claim to be from a major betting site and charge you a fee are fakes, plain and simple.

Our Top Three Favourite Betting Apps

When all is said and done our top three recommendations for any player looking for the best betting apps in the world today have to be with three of the biggest and best betting sites.

bet365 – one of the world’s most popular betting sites

bet365 offer a massive range of sports betting odds and services. The fact that they have all of their great features ready and waiting on their supercharged betting app is even better.

Betfair – trustworthy and reliable

Betfair are one of the most established betting sites in the business. Constantly evolving and innovating, you can be sure they have one of the best betting apps around, whatever your mobile device.

betway – a global betting player

betway have burst on to the scene over the last few years, offering top quality odds for a wide range of sports betting. Luckily for you, their betting app is one of the best in the business and available wherever you are in the world.


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