Looking for a quick convenient, secure and easy way to carry out your bank transactions without going to the bank? The First Bank mobile money service is all you need. It gives you the ability to transfer money, check your account balance, pay bills and do a lot more directly from your mobile phones using a mobile phone.

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In this article, I am going to be giving a tutorial on how to use First Bank Mobile money service to transfer money and check your account balance. I will also be discussing the benefits of using the First Bank mobile money service.

Benefits Of First Bank Mobile Money Transfer

The benefits of First bank mobile money transfer are numerous, but one thing that is very obvious, is the fact that it eliminates the stress of going to the bank to carry out transactions. Transactions like paying money into the account of somebody you bought goods from, standing in the ATM to withdraw money and standing in the ATM to check account balance. The first bank mobile money transfer service does it all.
You can carry out all these transactions directly from your mobile phone in the comfort of your home using first bank mobile money service.

In addition, the First bank mobile money transfer service is a very secure service. Before you can make use of it, you are prompted to insert a certain pin. This pin will prevent people who gain access to your mobile phone from tampering with you account.

How To Transfer Money Using First Bank USSD Transfer Code

Transferring money using the First bank money transfer code, is just as easy as saying it, it is a very simple process that requires very little knowledge. But before you can begin using this service, there are some basic things you need to know.

Before you can make use of First bank mobile transfer service, you must be registered on the service.

How To Register On The First Bank Mobile Money Transfer Service

  • Dial *894*0#
  • Select card from the list of debit cards displayed
  • Enter the four-digit PIN of your ATM debit card
  • Generate a 5 digit PIN to secure Mobile money transfer

Transferring Money Using First Bank Mobile Money Transfer

  • Dial *894*amount*account number#

How To Check Balance Using First Bank USSD Code

  • Dial *894*account number#

With this article, you can successfully make money transfer and check your First Bank account balance using First Bank money transfer USSD code on your mobile phone, and this is without the need for internet connection.

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