For quite a some days now, I’ve been posting stuff about the two most popular blogging platforms (WordPress and Blogger), why I love them and the how to switch from blogger to wordpress. Well, I would like to make it known to you that there are other nice blogging platforms which you might also like because of the numerous cool features they also come with. In this post, i’ll give you the best five blogging platforms.

five best blogging platforms

Five Best Blogging Platforms

1. Blogger: Most bloggers must know about blogger, it is a free web based blogging platform owned by google. It is quite
easy to setup and won’t take more than 5 minutes to setup. It supports drag and drop template editing. There are lot of features you can explore.

2. WordPress: WordPress is also a web based blogging platform. You are given two options while using wordpress, either you host it on your server for free or by creating a wordpress hosted blog at
They have a support community where solutions are given to problems for wordpress users, it has lots of plugins to use with your blog and offers lots of features.

3. Tumblr: Tumblr is said to be a fusion between a blog and a twitter feed. It is quit easy to setup as it has lots of themes. But for me it’s not a good platform to earn money online, but it can get you huge traffic.

4. SquareSpace: This is also a web based blogging platform, but it is not a free one. It’s price ranges from between $8 – $50. The price doesn’t lie on the package for any user. It is determined by the volume of your post. They are very easy for Newbies to run around with.

5. Posterous: Also like others, Posterous is a free web based blogging platform. It is sought of email blogging service. It doesn’t require signing up. You do not need need to know any coding, simply send an email to [email protected] and a blog with would be created for you.

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Now, you can choose the any of the following blogging platforms that suit your blogging needs. Use the comment box to tell which blogging platform you have chosen to use.


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