That awkward moment when you get those apps and games that interests you, and while you try to install them, you get an error popup saying, “memory is running low or insufficient memory”. This can really get you pissed of, this is as a result of insuffient RAM memory.

A reader of FTB asked me this question on facebook via our fanpage, he said, “Larry please how do I get rid of insufficient memory pop-ups on my android device, any solution?” So I decided to re-write this tutorial.

You can read my previous post about how you could increase your RAM. You can see it =>> here.

This Odd really affect game lovers and movie downloaders. If you are facing this same error on your android phone, just keep calm and follow this post, I assure you, you’ll get out of this mess.

You probably might have not come across this kind of android tutorial, do you know that you can use your SD card as a working RAM memory broadner? Well there’s a Memory Manager that will help you do this.

Introducing to you RAM Expander, RAM expander is an Android app that allows you to use part of your memory card as your RAM, thereby leaving you with a swift device. This app creates a file called Swap File on your SD card and this file is use to create a Virtual Ram on your SD card to boost the performance of your Android Phones.
I know that by now you’ve already picked interest in this app, I guess you are lucky to have come across this article. Why? Because this is a paid android app, but FTB has brought it for free for you, sounds great huh! :O

are you still looking for the download link, here it is below.

Download Here

What is your say about this App?
Have you used this app before? let us know what your experience with it was like.


  1. Hi Larry,

    This is indeed the best solution.

    Thanks for letting us know about the RAM Expander App. Your fan would be so happy to see this solution.

    Thanks for sharing this post on Aha!Now. Have a great week ahead! 🙂

  2. discovered this is possible from this post. Usually I uninstall some less important apps or delete some files from the phone’s memory just to free it up. had a ram expander before, but deleted it because I didn’t really know its use. looks like I’ll have to download it again now that I know it can be of help in partitioning a storage space on a memory card.

    The problem of insufficient memory and hanging made me dislike android phones with a small ram size. After getting the guidelines here, i can concentrate on getting a memory card with a larger storage capacity and worry less about the phone’s ram size. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Hi Gracia,
      It’s quite unfortunate that you had to delete this app due to ignorance, and I’m glad that you came across this sort of tutorial now.

      I hope you’ll love and use your android phone now, it’s as easy as getting a memory card for your device.

      Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the new week, and a Merry Xmas 🙂

  3. Hi Larry,

    Good stuff ! Performance will not match that of an actual RAM (obviously) but it definitely allows more memory usage. The read/write speeds will however be lower. Just a word of caution, using swap files tend to reduce the life of SD cards so it is suggested to used an external card as the damage to internal storage can be really costly !

    • Hi Arpit,
      Every person is entitled to their own opinion, but I think this will work well, and will also give you what you want.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts though, and enjoy the rest of the day.
      Merry Xmas 🙂

  4. Hi Larry,

    Nice solution! RAM Expander seems interesting. Though haven’t face this problem, I will install this app to see how does it perform.

    Thank you so much for this post. I hope this would be a great stuff for them who are struggling to resolve it.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Abrar,
      I’m glad you seem to love this app and will install it as well, when you are done, please let me know how it goes.

      Sure it’s a solution to all those using android phones with small ram.

      Thanks for stopping by, and a Merry Xmas 🙂

  5. Hey Larry,

    This is really cool and an awesome app to have. I had not heard of RAM Expander but I surely can see how helpful this can be. I am sure this will ease the frustration that may feel when they get that inefficient memory message. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Nate,
      Sure the Ram Expander is a nice app, and will surely br useful to those using an android device with insufficient RAM to carry their desired apps.

      Thanks for stopping by, and a Merry Xmas 🙂

  6. Hello Larry!

    Really I haven’t made use of this RAM expander.

    Am not really a gamer, but I could remember, the last time I tried using it to boost the performance of my then Android phone. With a 512MB RAM and a 16gb SD card that was actually wasting away, it reported an error and requested I pay a certain amount to make it work.

    Had to uninstall it to source for alternatives. But gave up after realizing, it was the best RAM expander I could use.

    Maybe someday I’d have to recommend it to my blog viewers that are game lovers too.

    Uche Francis

  7. Hi Larry

    Thanks for this info bro. I have come across people who have complained about insufficient memory in their andriod phone. This app is a wonder and will definitely solve the problems of RAM. I am installing it on my Smart phone and will let you know of my experience. Have a nice week.

    • Hi Ikechi,
      It’s good you found this post helpful, it will surely be nice if you refer them all here.
      It’s good you’ve installed this app, I’ll like to hear what you think about it.
      Thanks an a MERRY XMAS 🙂


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