I got a mail from fellow blogger, actually a WordPress user. His mail was concerning an issue that after he installed a new theme, only text displayed on his blog, there was no image or graphic present. This was what I recommended that fixed his problem.

no image fix for wordpress

This was his mail.

Hi, Oscar, I’m ventured into blogging recently and I’m running the wordpress blogging software, I installed a new theme yesterday and since then only text displays on my blog. No graphics or images displays. I would like you to give a fix to this. Thanks in advance

After thorough inspection upon his blog, I came to realise that the problem was from the style.css.

The CSS Style in the Theme had conflicting class variables with what the theme was coded with. These error was made by the person who compiled the theme.


METHOD 1 for Tech Savvy people:
If you are my type of person, who has ideas on css, you cold start coding a new CSS Style for the WordPress theme with the different available classes used in the theme structure. This could be difficult for Newbies.

METHOD 2 for Newsbies: If you do not hae Programming Ideas on CSS, simple install a New WordPress Theme, or search and download the WordPress Theme from another site other than the place you downloaded from. If it doesn’t work for you, download and install a new theme. It’ll fix the problem.



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