Have you ever gotten stuck up in traffic and wished you could convert your car into a motorcycle in order to quickly reach your destination just like in Batman movies? Well your wishes are coming true.

A Ford patent was published on the 15th of December where a it could be seen clearly that an automobile from the company would be able to pull off a unicycle from one of it’s rear wheels when you find yourself in needy situations.

Ford Focus

Here’s how this would work. For instance, you find yourself in traffic, all you need do is search for the nearest parking lot, pull over and a mechanism automatically jacks the car and let’s one of the rear tyres pull out and there you go with a sleek unicycle to maneuver the situation.

As published by Patent Yogi, here is what this automobile would look like.

Fords patented unicycle

Here is a video that details and shows this beast in action.

What do you think of Ford’s innovation? Is this something you would love to see?

Image: Patent Yogi


  1. Useless.
    It would take you longer to return and recover your vehicle than if you simply waited for traffic to start moving.

    It woule be a VERY little bit useful if your wife was driving you and you were stuck in traffic. IF the scooter could be removoed WITHOUT disabling the vehicle you could scoot off to work and she could then drive home.

    Very minimal logic or advantage.

    An copy cat invention made for the sake of “making it”
    File under “stuff and nonsense”.


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