This tutorial will guide you
through the process of
formating any type of
removable disk e.g. a flash drive,
mp3 player etc.

Step 1
Plug in the removable disk you
want to format.

Step 2
Goto my computer and take
note of the drive of the
removable disk e. g. drive E: , C;

Step 3
Click on the start button and
press R on your keyboard.

Step 4
Type in cmd (this should open
the command prompt window)

Step 5
In the command prompt
window type in format (space)
the drive e.g. “format e: /q”
Press enter again on the

After the formatting process is
complete, type in the label you
want to assign to your
formatted removable disk and
press enter. Finally, type in exit
and press enter. Thats all!
Thanks for reading.


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