Most people do love the photography and the love for graphics is increasing on daily bases. I guess one of the major reasons behind the increase of it is the people interest in social media networks, because even children had started using social networks, making the profile more interesting, you need to have good status updates with fun or well-designed photos. In order to make your photos interesting it needs to under go some special touch by photo editing softwares, and for that reason, there are lots of desktop photo editing tools available.

From those softwares, one is adobe photoshop which gained its popularity more than all the others probably you even may have installed it on your computer. Since it is easy to use and understandable therefore, people make use of it. But in certain cases, you may not be able to get into it. Suppose you either can’t edit your photos using other software or don’t have even other tool, what should be done? Let me make it clear to you that you can still get your photo’s edited even without those tools. Yeah! It is possible and also can be done without downloading and installing any software on your computer. Actually we are talking about web-based photo editing tools.

The Best & Free Online Photo Editors Like Photoshop

Now it’s time to bring the collection of free online photo editing tools that are similar to the adobe photoshop. In order to keep you save from the searching for a best one, we had made a research on it and brought the below list. So let get started…



One of the great internet-based utilities that can be used free of cost and without registration. Another good thing for adobe photoshop lovers is that it provides an interface which is completely follows photoshop’s interface. just like the one In their desktop version, you will see a vertical toolbox at the left side and a sidebar where the window(s) appear such as layers, info, colors at the right side. At the top, you can see a menu-bar as seen in photoshop. While working on sumopaint, you wouldn’t miss the photoshop. It’s Guaranteed!
You can visit Sumopaint here



Another web-app which promote itself as a photoshop online web-based version. With photoshop online, you will be able to do almost every editing that can be done with the desktop version of it. If we talk about its interface, then you will feel just like you’re on photoshop. At the left side, you see a toolbox including tools such as lasso, crop, eraser, text, color, stamp and other tools adobe have. Also other things are placed as in desktop version.
You can visit OnlinePhotoshopFree here



Photoraster is also good tool for basic editing to advanced designing options. It had also made its interface just like the photoshop. So if you are eager of the photoshop and don’t wanna miss it even if you haven’t installed it on your hard drive. But to be sure that you will need to register as a user with photoraster in order to start using this tool.
You can visit PhotoRaster here



Ipiccy is yet another great web-app which can be taken as an alternative to the adobe photoshop. It can be used for photo editing and photo collage making. It doesn’t look like the adobe photoshop, but is a good one for either basic editing of a photo or adding some special affects to photo within the browser.
You can visit Ipiccy here

I guess you’ll have no worries whenever you want to edit your photo’s without those photo editing softwares, try the above listed tool and I assure you, you won’t regret trying them.
Do you think it’s better using this tools or using the computer softeware tool, which do you prefer? Let us know.


  1. You are right at your own, but as i said above that online tools can be employed when photoshop is unavailable. These are still better for basic editing.

  2. Yeah I love this post but I don’t like the way everything combined together I mean the text form.
    Nice one.
    Richard Emmanuel.

  3. Good writeup, easy to grasp. Been also using photo editing softwares, only limitation is only using them on pc just as these ones. Would’ve still preferred something closer to me like on phone.

    • Hello Grace,
      It’s nice you love photo editing softwares, but there are some apps that can do that on your smartphone, just that they don’t have all the features to make your job look professional.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. The use of Photo editing software is paramount for successful blogging and Internet marketing. Applying these tools successful will help convey better information through images and videos.

    Many blog readers and followers understand information better with the right images.

    The tools shared here are new to me . I guess their features can truly substitute for the real Adobe Photoshop!

    • Hi Sunday!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the post and importance of images in a blog post.

      I totally agree with you, and even all of the blogger would.

      Keep visiting and commenting…

    • Hello Sunday,
      These tools are very essential to bloggers as you’ve just said that most readers understan images more.
      Although it also essential to graphic designers and lovers.
      It’s goo you could share your thoughts here.
      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead. 🙂

  5. I love using Paintshop Pro X, but it is nice to know that there are many online programs as well. Thank you so much for sharing these!

    • You are most welcome for leaving your valuable comment here. I hope the tools mentioned will become in handy in such a situation when you can’t access paintshop pro x or other photo editor.

    • Hello Amber,
      Welcome once again to my blog, it’s nice to see you here.
      Basheer Ahmad has listed some nice tool that can really be of help whenever you can’t acess Pro X, and I’m sure these tools are nice ones, you can give them a try.
      Thanks for stopping by.

    • I glad to hear that our list was new for you. I suggest bookmarking this post, it may help editing your photos directly from the web-browser.

    • Hello Gonalo,
      Everyday is meant for one to learn a new thing, and today is one of those days which you’ve learnt a new thing. You can check out those tools as they can give your photo the beauty you have always wanted.
      Thanks for stopping by

  6. Hi Larry and Basheer

    Really cool information although I have only heard of the photoshop photo editor. The others are quite new to me but still good to know they exist.

    Images do tell a powerful story and since the use of them in post are on the rise, it is always good to know which is the right one to include that will get the message across best.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Ma’am Yvonne,
      It’s been a while I saw you here on my blog, welcome though, photoshop isn’t the only good tool you can use for editing your photo’s, here Basheer has given us a list of some of those photo editing tool which you can use to supplememnt photoshop.
      Thanks for stoping by.

  7. Hi Larry and Basheer

    They say a Picture speaks more than a thousand words. Pictures are wonderful to behold. I am sometimes amazed by the way some pictures are crafted.

    I am very much aware of the popular Adobe photoshop and its set of features. Although I don’t use it, I have watched some of my buddies use this software to make pretty cool images. As for the remaining three, I have not been used and will check them out.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

    • Hello Ikechi,
      Ofcourse the photoshop image editing software is so nice, from photos I see which my friends have edited on photoshop, with beautiful and unimaginable, effects. But what else can you do when you don’t have photoshop arround you? I guess trying these tools will sure help.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hi Basheer, and good to meet you at Larry’s blog 🙂

    Having used Photoshop for years now, I usually don’t like using anything else. But sometimes when you don’t have Photoshop, such online software’s are very handy.

    I’ve just about heard about the Online photo editor from this list and it works pretty good, though never tried it the way I use Photoshop, but it does seem to have a lot of similar features. I would be checking out the rest too – no harm keeping them saved for a rainy day!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week, both of you 🙂

    • Hello Ma’am Herleena,
      It’s wonderful seeing you on my blog once again, I never knew you were a photoshop professional 🙂 well I agree with you that photoshop is so nice to use and as you also said, we don’t know when it’s gonna rain so we can switch to this online tools when the rain begins, lols.
      Thanks for stoping by.

  9. Hi Larry and Basheer,

    I love blogs with a cleaner look and your blog is one of those.

    We have a wide range of editors online. I am impressed with the 4 listed editors. I used each one of them and found iPiccy and sumopaint more easy to handle. I have tried that online PhotoShop before but it works slow on Mozilla but great on other browsers for me. I have an editor on my computer which I use to edit some pics which is Pixlr.

    Nice post, bookmarked the above stated favs of mine. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Rohan Chaubey.

    • Hello Rohan,
      It’s good to see you here, and thanks for the compliment, but I had to make the blog more simpler and I had to change my theme, I hope my blog’s new look looks great too? 🙂
      I’m so glad you found some of these tools to be great, I don’t use a mozila browser though, so I never knew that the tool was slow on the browser, anyway, thanks for introducing pixler to us, it’s a nice tool to.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I have to bookmark this one because I for one have not used Photoshop but I want to learn how to use it. You have even given some other options which I plan to take a look at and then make an informed decisions. As it was stated above, a picture can say so much and is definitely powerful as it relates to the story we are trying to convey on our blogs.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Nate,
      This tools are wonderful photo editors, and frequent access to this tools will give you an idea of what the photoshop software is all about. Yes! Every one knows that pictures speak much more than texts.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Oh,thanks for this Article, actually,this is great,but i think the best is the Offline Photoshop ,cuz at least ,it will save money 🙂

    • Hi Lerwher,
      Sure the offline photoshop remains the best, but in a situation where you are not able to access it mayble you’ve uninstalled it from your PC what do you do?
      Just find any of these online tools, then I’m sure it will work for you.
      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  12. Hey Basheer and Larry,

    Great post here on photo editing software. I used photoshop in the past, or least tried to but for me it was quite challenging. I have used a couple of others in the past which gave me just what I needed. This is definitely a great reference for all of those who want to edit their photos! Thanks for sharing and you both have a good one!

    I found your post on kingged .com under the category Technology
    http ://kingged .com/photoshop-online-4-best-free-online-photo-editors/

    • Hi Sherman,
      Photoshop seems complex for a newbie, but with time, to you’ll get to catch up with it. I bet you you’ll enjoy it more that other photo editing softwares, even the ones you said gave you what you needed.

      Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the redy of the day 😛


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