We all know that wordpress is the best CMS and blogging platform out there, but it is not of doubt that it can turn to be confusing and difficult to setup for people who are new to it.

There are a couple of reasons why I would prefer you setup a wordpress blog instead of the counterpart blogger which include,

  • You do not have fear of been deleted by Google if your blog contain items against their TOS

If you wish to know, you can check out the various reasons why I love WordPress

free wordpress blog setup

Now, here is where I come in. I will be offering a free wordpress setup, in other words I would not be charging you for my setup service. All you need to do is simply pay for a hosting plan and you’ll be given a domain name of your choice for free, then you’ll send me your cPanel details and I’ll setup your blog for free.

Why You Should Let Me Setup Your Blog

I’ve been a couple of years with wordpress, worked with several clients and by now I know the major things that a new wordpress blog should have and how to properly optimize the blogging platform easily for SEO. Here are the various things I’ll do for free during the setup.

  • I will install the latest WordPress CMS version.
  • I will handle the SEO of your blog during setup for free.
  • I will install the Premium Genesis framework and an attractive child theme for free.
  • I will install essential plugins for the maintenance and running of the blog.
  • I will setup the best permalink structure for your blog.
  • I will create an xml sitemap for better search engine indexing
  • I will create a contact us page for you.

These services i’m going to render are worth over $400, but I’ll be offering them for free to whosoever wishes.

Why I Won’t Charge You For This

I can bet that most newbies would love to have a professional blog setup for them but do not have the means of hiring a freelancer because of their charges. Now instead of paying for hosting and domain name, and also paying for a web developer, You can pay for your hosting plan using my affiliate link while I do the setup for free.

Simply pay for Bluehost Webhosting Service through the link. Here are the things you need to know.

  • You would not be charged an extra fee
  • You will get a free domain name and do not have to purchase an additional domain
  • You don’t have to pay me because your host would give me commission for buying through my link.

I guess this is great and you’ll kill two birds with just one stone 🙂 . You get a free wordpress blog setup just buy paying for a webhosting plan.

What are you waiting for?

SignUp for BlueHost

Please make sure you purchase this hosting using my affiliate link. It would cost you nothing extra and it would also help fut my charges and get you a professional blog.

After you purchase the webhosting account, contact me with the form below. Most importantly, you will need to send me your

  • Your Full Customer Name on bluehost
  • Email ID
  • Bluehost cPanel Login Details
  • The Domain Name
  • Your Facebook profile link so we could chat if need be.

I hope you do not miss this opportunity of getting  a professional blog setup for free for you.

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    1. i just wish this offer will be available by middle of 2014 so that i will have bought my laptop and have my money the hosting plan,oscar u ar just a great person.

    2. Hi Oscar the great! I am glad Nigeria still has greAt and selfless minds like you.
      Pls is the offer for WordPress setup still on?

    3. This is a great service. may God bless you more and more. pls is the offer still available. I just stumble to this site while searching for how to solve setting up blog problem. I wish I had seen this two years ago. I want to set up my blog. pls let me know when you can attend to me soonest.


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