Without further ado, this list is concocted with high-end gadgets For Online Gamers. These gadgets below are for more professional gaming experience and gameplay. Are you looking forward to having a faster and pro-gameplay? Be it at online betting apps, gaming sites, and other related gaming schemes. Sit and have a grasp of our 5 must-have gadgets for online gamers.

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1. Razer Destructor 2 Hard

Razer Destructor 2 Hard Is a stunning game mouse Mat. It is an Optimized tracking surface mouse pad that is preferred by professional Gamers –suitable for online games. It’s a mouse not only for pre-game/hardcore gamers but also for office purposes. It is a hard type mouse mat with a particular size.

As know it’s validated by the world’s top-notch pro-gamers. The Razer Destructor has many breath-taking features. It features a highly reactive surface coating that gives a great balance between the control and speed.

With such a salient quality of this device, users can effortlessly reach any part of the screen easily without sluggish or rigid movement of the mouse.

This gaming gadget is sculpted with a non-slip rubber base. That position that mat in a fixed spot no matter how you swipe hardly. With it, nothing can bug gamers off their game.

For Razer Destructor to deliver a rapid in-game responsiveness, a tiny silver flake was masterly embedded on the surface to enhance reflective quality. As well as, the sleek black design. That give a catchy setup looks.

2. WD 4TB My Passport (Portable Hard Drive)

This is a simple portable external hard drive with a USB 3.0 –WDSYFTOO40BBk- WESN. For Design & specs it’s housed inside a 15mm think, and it isn’t as thin as you think. It measures 0.85 inches, approximately 4.25 inches of length and 3.1 inches width with 8 ounces of weighs.

All model of this hard drive comes with a three-year warranty. Down to the software, this external hard drive doesn’t feature acts like HFS+ partitioning utility or LaCie’s Dual FAT/NTFS. But a user can use the OS X or Windows system utilities for such purpose. WD provides backup software. With the help of a drive utility, it secure-erase and check the status of the drive. Despite that, it encrypts software while dealing with sensitive information. It is such a tremendously easy-to-use drive.

WD 4TB My Passport runs pretty faster than its rivals. It tepid performs with large files; falling about 10MBps short of average. It’s much better than average at writing large batches of smaller folders and files.

Sumptuous Features of WD 4TB My Passport:

  • Frank drive built with WD reliability.
  • Reimagined lovely design.
  • Protection of password with Hardware encryption.
  • Auto-backup, with WD Backup software.
  • System Compatibility: Windows 7, 8 & 10. It also requires reformatting for Mac OS X OS.

3. Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G19s is a full-sized gaming keyboard with rubber-dome membrane keys. Most times, gaming and second-screen technology don’t always come together. But Logitech took the bull by the horns, to provide a second-screen/ gaming tech. This intriguing keyboard is worth $200.

The board itself has a superb finishing touch. The A, D, S, W keys are silver, same goes to the arrow keys, but the rest keys are mere matte black. The keyboard comprises of everything but the kitchen sink. It also has a little LCD screen display up top.

The keys are smoothly placed and comfortable enough for gaming and typing. It provides a pleasant amount of resistance “a 75 g, compared to the 55” so in an average membrane keyboard.

The G19s gaming keyboard is crafted with a certain quality for the most hardcore Warcraft gamers. One thing to note is that most gaming consoles now offer support for these peripherals just like the recent support for keyboard and mouse on the Xbox One.

Salient Features of G19s:

  • Enable the simultaneous pressing of up to five keys at a go.
  • Ability to sculpt hotkeys.
  • Enable macros using the MR key without the application of “keyboard profiler”.
  • Ability to disable Windows key during games.
  • Have a 320 x240 pixel color screen accompanied with 8 navigation buttons.
  • View webcam output.
  • Play YouTube video directly (on screen).
  • Media buttons/drum pattern volume control.

4. Madcatz Cyborg X Flight Stick, B

The Cyborg celebrates its 10th anniversary. Madcatz Cyborg X flight stick provides you with unrivaled comfort, adjustability, and performance. It’s built on ten years of cyborg innovation mixed with precision engineering.

It has cutting-edge appealing design and engrossing features to give an extreme control solution for space and flight games.

This device has a magnificent look, twin throttles; masterly positioned and programmable controls. Do you know the Cyborg X can be adjusted in tilt angle and length? This gives you the chance of finding the perfect configuration that suits your seating position and hand size.

It’s foldable and removable stick handle for easy storage and for a compact.

Madcats Cyborg X features:-

  • Adjustable POV hat switch: It’s highly movable! Users can position in and out to get a perfect distance between it and the buttons.
  • Tilting head mechanism: positioning of the buttons as desired.
  • Twin Throttle.
  • Adjustable handle height: Decrease or increase the length of the handle to suit your hand size.
  • Adjustable Handle angle.
  • Shift Button.
  • Adjustment tools
  • 12 buttons.

5. Beyerdynamic Mmx 300 headset

Do you know when it comes to professional and hi-fi audio Beyerdynamic is the top-rated? Beyerdynamic is prominently recognizable and well-respected names. It stands behind some of the intriguing studio and hi-fi monitoring headphones available across the globe.

The brand is well-known for the breath-taking production of microphones and a large variety of headset for radio broadcasters, television, pilots and gamers.

Their gaming headset portfolio is very tight. Tight enough, the MMX 300 is a top-notch production for gaming headsets they offer. The Beyerdynamic MMX 300 2nd generation, is a premium gaming headset.

It is quite cheap from sellers that do not offer free prime shipping.

Professional Voice Transmission:- It incorporates absolute high-quality condenser microphone that enhances loud and clear voice transmission. It’s ideal for tournament situations and noisy environments.

Maximum Control:- With the help of the cable remote control, everything is right under your control even in hectic tournament times. You have all important features like adjusting the volume, muting the microphone and accepting a call within reach right in your hands.

Dimensional Sound:- It ensures clear and powerful sound production with the help of the recording studio-quality DS (driver system). Hear everything clearly!

Other Features:-

  • Made in Germany.
  • Excellent intelligibility of speech.
  • Compatible with all gaming consoles.
  • Ideal for all gaming and even multi-media applications.

Key Specifications:-

  • Weight: 294g.
  • In-line microphone mute controls and volume.
  • Closed-back, over-ear design.
  • 5-35,00 Hz frequency response.
  • 32 Ohms impedance
  • Dynamic driver.
  • Pivotable condenser microphone.

Hope you did find this list of online gaming gadgets useful. Feel free to let us know other gaming gadgets you are aware of using the comment section below. 


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