Sometime ago I wrote about how you can get 1.5GB for free on Etisalat, and trust me, a lot of FTB readers enjoyed it, but hush! MTN has also fallen into our long awaiting trap, and now, we can always get free 250MB from MTN Nigeria anytime anywhere.

This is thesame method with that of etisalat (by tweaking imei), I know tweaking of imei won’t be a problem to those of you whom have been following my blog for sometime now, but incase you don’t know how to tweak your imei, you can learn that in by clicking here.

How To Activate MTN Free Data?

  • Go get a new sim or use an existing sim, but make sure you’ve migrated to True talk, if you have’nt you can do that by dialing *400#
  • Now tweak your MTN sim1 IMEI using this first 9 digits 867648010. If you are a novice to IMEI tweaking, click here to learn how to tweak your IMEI.
  • Go to and choose imei analyzer
  • Add 5 digits of your choice to the 9 digits which I gave above and imei analyzer will generate the check digit for you. Once you are done generating, tweak it to your phone.

    One more for those whom are still finding it difficult to tweak your imei see this post.

  • Restart Your phone or switch to Airplane Mode for 10secs…
  • Now send NOKIA to 131
  • You’ll be given the 250mb, dial *559# to confirmand.

Know This: The more You tweak your imei, the more your MB accumulates, do what do you think? Why not start now to get your own data…



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