Welcome to FTB, it’s being a while I made a post here, and believe me, this time it’s something great. MTN has entered our long awaiting trap.. Lol 🙂

This free data is based on tweaking of IMEI, if you’ve been following this blog for sometime now, you should know how to tweak an android phone’s imei.

For those of you who don’t know how to tweak IMEI, learn it here.

After you must have learnt how to tweak IMEI, then tweak the below imei.

  • 358429040022703
  • 358429040022711
  • 358429060086301

If you’ve tweaked the Imei, send INFINIX TO 131, then to check your data balance, dial *559*4#.

I’ll like to hear your feedback via the comment section..


  1. hmmm Bro, this is great, I will learn more about this tweaking of thing. My question is does this trick last for a while or it will work always?.

  2. How will MTN give out free MB 2 every1 that tweak the imei. U get bonus once on each phone nau. Xo how many people are u giving this?? Or is dis also d one u’ve used??

  3. Well, I’ve missed this, since I’m no more using an android. One of the many disadvantages. Would’ve definitely tried it out. 40gb is pretty much and the best part is getting it all for free. Let’s hear from others who’ll try it if actually works.

  4. Bro Larry, great post but am not lucky enough cos it does not work on BB devices. The good news is that my friends found this post helpful and it rocking so hot.
    #FTB is always unique,keep it up bro.

    • i trust u Larry, bt i couldn’t get it ryt dis tym…… It says am eligible for only one happy link bundle daily….wat it is wrong? tnx

  5. have tweak more than 100 imel today and none of it work…all i gat was that””Dear customer u are eligible for only one happy link bundle and 1MB daily data plan daily”” it seems like all the available imel has been used…please kinly help with a valid imel,here is my email address [email protected]

  6. please give me a straight and simple tutorial on how to do the IMEI tweaking thing,i own A hot phone,3 friends my mine also has and non of us knows the tweaking stuff.
    Who ever reply thanks for your help.


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