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Just as soon as you get your brand-new Android smartphone, there are a few apps you are probably going to download immediately, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, maybe Kindle, along with your favorite games. But with more than a million apps in the Google Play store, it’s pretty much assured that there are going to be a lot of options that you never even thought of, either because you’re not sure what they do or you simply don’t even know they exist. Here’s a program you’ve probably never used. It’s one you should really consider trying out:

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Searching the Internet is all about entering text and hitting the return key. Google Goggles changes all that by allowing you to search using just pictures. Load it up, point your phone’s camera at a landmark, painting, book cover or even a piece of text, take a snapshot and Goggles will use the photo to perform a search.

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You can shoot pictures of bar codes, QR codes or any image such as a famous landmark, billboard or movie poster. The app will do a Google Images search, and then return information such as movie titles, locations and even translations of foreign text in your pictures. You can also use this app to add additional contacts by taking a snapshot of a business card, thanks to built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

It’s a lot easier than entering text, especially when you’re out and about. Of course, the results aren’t always as accurate as you might want, especially when it’s trying to identify landmarks, but it’s surprising how often it does get things right.

You can also use Google Goggles for other cool things like translating from a foreign language when you’re on holiday. The app is only available to those with phones running Android version 1.6 or above.

Although Google Goggles doesn’t always get every single search perfectly right, it’s still a quick and fun way to search the net.

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