Google Allo and DuoI think we didn’t see this coming, as Google just brings in a surprise package for us that should be unwrapped towards summer. Meet Allo and Duo, Google’s messaging apps, that possess awesome features over any other messaging app you must have ever come across.
Let’s quickly see what Google has for us this time.

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Allo ScreenshotAllo, like every other modern messaging app, allows you to send text, stickers and photos. It is a mobile-only messaging app with built-in bot support. In this app, Google uses analytics technology to suggest smart responses that reacts to what’s in a photo.
Let’s take for instance, if the photo which the user sent has a linguini, automatically, Allo suggests responds like “Yummy!” or “Yum clams!”
It also features the WhisperShout feature that allows users change their text size before sending. With this I think the caps lock won’t be necessary while trying to write a word bold or big.

The Google Allo supports bots too, including the new Google Assistant, so users will be able to engage businesses and apps in a conversational tone to book reservations and even play games.






Duo is focused on video calls as features an advanced video calling technology which provides a very easy and clear interface for making video calls. Unlike other 1-on-1 video call apps like Skype, imo, and the rest, Duo shows you the caller’s face before you pick up. That’s amazing how google came up with this.

Another feature possessed by the Duo app is the Knock Knock feature. It allows you see the type of conversation you’re likely getting into. Here you’ll know if the caller is calling for chat or wants to show you something important.

This two apps are being made focusing more on user friendly interface. Though, Duo comes with no much features like conferencing, video messages, nor does it have a desktop platform. But has little but wonderful features not yet seen on any other video messaging.

Will Google for the sake of Allo dump the Google Hangout? I don’t think so, but Allo and Duo will likely be their concentration for now.
Both the Allo and Duo apps will be launched this summer on both iOS and Android. With just your phone number, you can sign up.

Stay around as we will keep you updated once its launched.




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