google domains service

No doubt Google has always wanted to conquer and rule the Cyber-Tech space and this time, they have their eye on a larger piece of the Internet, Domain Registrations.
The search giant announced Monday it is testing a custom domain registration service called Google Domains. Google said it decided to launch the service, which is still in an invite-only beta mode, after learning that 55 percent of small businesses did not have a website.

It’s obvious Google seems to think it can actually do the domain registration service better than the competition, and that’s why they are offering not to charge users anything extra to conceal personal information (e.g. name and address) that must be provided when registering a URL.

With Google Domains, users can create up to 100 email aliases using their domain, and Mountain View also says it’s making domain forwarding super easy in case there’s already a Tumblr or existing site you’d like your new URL to point to. One thing for sure is you shouldn’t run into any problems or downtime (at least on Google’s end).

It’s been confirmed that the service would be featured at a $12 annual registration fee. This would be a great step for those using the blogger platform as from all indications, you would easily add your Google custom domains to your blog.



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