If you have ever experienced a broken iPhone charger cable then know that you not alone. As a matter of fact, you are lucky to read this article because we have some tips for you to prevent it from happening again.

Cable breakage for phone chargers is normal. After usages over a long period of time, they experience wear and tear and they open at the base of the connector. Sometimes the charger might still work and sometime, it doesn’t. When it is working, the wire get exposed which can be a form of hazard and you might have to tape it.

broken apple iphone cables

But can these cables last for a long period of time? Yes, it is possible. All it takes is some level of care and maintenance on your part and you might never have to replace your iPhone charger. Below are some tips to help you if you are fed up with replacing your charger every now and then.

 Wrap Them Correctly

iPhone charger breakage mostly have to do with the fact that they were not properly wrapped in the first place. Sometimes, the users wrap the cable round their hands and then throw it into their bags. But as it turns out, most forms of wrapping these cable cause some forms of wear on the cable which can slowly degrade it overtime. Thinking that wrapping it just the way the manufacturers wrapped it when you newly opened the phone is wrong, so don’t do it that way.

The best form of wrapping you cable is by looping it around several times and having it form a circular shape is the best form of wrapping your cable. This is known as coil wrapping and will not degrade the cable of your iPhone charger quickly.

Don’t Create Sharp Bends

This is another form of breakage prevention and not only while wrapping them but also while you are using them.

Avoid making shape bends with the cable of your charger while wrapping or using them because this can ruin the wires that are inside. This is very important especially with the connector area because it is extremely fragile and if much pressure is applied to that area, it might break and split open, exposing the wire inside. This will turn out to be a hazard.

So next time you are using your charger, ensure that you are not making any sharp bend at any point in the charger.

Buy Reinforced Cables

If you don’t want to apply extra effort in taking care of your charger cables then you might want to go for reinforced cables. These cables come with some form of wrapping that can prevent your cables from kinking and eventually breaking open.

You can find reinforced cable at any standard gadget shop at prices that might suit your budget.

Reinforce iPhone Cables Yourself

For some people, these reinforced cables can be very pricy. If this is the case for you, then you might want to reinforce you charger cables yourself. There are different kinds of ideas which you can apply when reinforcing your cable. One popular idea is by taking the small spring that you can find in pens and wrap it unto the ends of your cable. This is to prevent them from making any sharp bends at any time.

Another idea is by shrink tubing the end. This is not one of the popular idea that people use because they don’t usually have the shrink tubing available but if you have then this is a nice idea. You can double the spring used on the cable and then shrink tubing. This will give you a more reinforced iPhone cable.


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