Whatsapp being one of the leading social networks globally has drawn the attention of people every body wishes to join whatsapp but unfurtunately not all devices support it.

Whatsapp is an application designed for smartphones alone thereby leaving java users behind, meanning if you own a java phone you won’t be able to whatsapp.

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But today I’ll be showing you Two methods on how you can use whatsapp on a Nokia Asha device (Java Phone) and s40 devices which are unsupported.


? About 5mb space in your unsupported device to run the app.

? A whatsapp supported device.

First Method to Downloading Whatsapp for Asha 200

? Step 1: Eject/Remove memory card from your Nokia Asha phone and insert it into any s40 Nokia phone which supports whatsapp.

? Step 2: Goto the s40 download Page of whatsapp and download the app into the phone.

? Step 3: Copy the downloaded app into your memory card, and then eject/remove your memory card from the phone.

? Step 4: Now insert the memory card back into your Nokia Asha 200 or Asha 205 device.

? Step 5: Run the app and watch the smooth run on you unsupported device.

If you’ve tried the above method and found a negative outcome or it doesn’t work for you ypu can kindle check the below methode.

Second Method to Downloading Whatsapp for Asha 200

? You have to follow steps 1 down through till 4. This time after you insert the memory card back to your asha phone, do not launch the app.

? Step 5: After locating the whatsapp on your Nokia Asha 200, (i.e after you might have inserted the memory card back to your phone). Click on your options key and select “Update Version”.

? Step 6: Now the update is complete enter your login details and enjoy whatsapp (The Smartphone’s app) on your device.

Hopefully you should be rocking whatsapp on your Asha device right now.


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