Blackberry 10 OS Sure rocks especially with it’s amazing features that makes with work like the Popular Google’s Android OS. Igrann was introduced sometime ago, Igrann is a blackberry 10 OS app that allows you to use Instagram on your blackberry device but now the blackberry 10 OS rocks more as you can now install and use Android apps on your Blackberry 10 devices.

I will be showing you a simple way to install and use Android apps on your blackberry 10 devices so if you have been missing a very cool app that you see on Android devices and wished you could use them on your blackberry 10 devices then today is your lucky day because with these simple steps I will be showing you, you can successfully be rocking any Android app on your blackberry 10 device.

How to Transfer and Use Android Apps on Blackberry 10 Devices

? Download and Install Flash share app from Google playstore on your Android device

? Launch it and Tap Create a Connection

? Once it sets up Wifi Connection, Connect the BB10 device to it via Wifi

? Then use the BB10 Device to scan the displayed barcode

? This will install the flashshare app on the BB10 device

? You can then use the flashshare app to transfer files, apps, pictures, music, videos etc on both devices

That’s it. You can transfer any app from your Android device to your BB10 device and install it on the BB10 device.

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