Someone just told me he was having this error messages when trying to log in his facebook account on the facebook gateway provided by 2go. I was about giving him a link on this blog when i discovered i had not made a post on this. Here is a little tip that would help you to solving that problem.

2go creates an opportunity for facebook users to chat with their online facebook friends as well as 2go friends when online. Here is how to add your facebook gateway.

* Launch and login to 2go.
* Click on settings>gateways>facebook gateway>activate
* A form pops up for you to fill in your facebook username and password.
If you don’t have a facebook username, simply login to facebook, then visit Or view your profile to see if you already have one.

Fill in your username and password correctly, and submit.

The problem, lies when you receive a notification that your username and password were incorrect. All you have to do is simply login to facebook, change your password, then login again to 2go and repeat the process. That’s it. It works.


  1. It seems there is no solution to this facebook-2go gateway settings yet.I hv tried all the solutions proffered without any positive result. Pls guys help us out

  2. for those of us complaining that it didin’t work, make sure you only input your facebook username and not the whole link like Just the username alone is required. And remember the password is CAPS sensitive.

  3. Hi there, I would like to subscribe for this web site to get
    hottest updates, thus where can i do it please help out.

  4. I have tried it several times dropping d arrow but it’s not displaying anything and I do deactivate & re-activate it always but still showing (Facebook friends 0/0)

  5. Pls my fb friends is showing(0/0) on 2go….i hv deactivated nd activated sevar times..i v even deleted nd downloaded 2go app too, but same story. Tried droppin it, but no luck….pls get bck to me thru my email pls

  6. Pls hw do i deactivate my facebook account frm my 2go?pls call me …07033302725…i will pay ur call,,,,,or jus send me msg….if it wrk reward awaits you

  7. Pls my 2go star is not moving & i dont no d reason, & again i want 2 join my 2go wit my facebook account but is always telling me dat wrong username. So pls help me by checking wats d problem is, & solve it 4 me if only u‘ll text me d procedure 2 rectify d problem i‘ll appreciate tnx.

  8. Tnkx man, i’ve been havin problem wit loggin in, bt as i read d instruction u gav nd i retried it just, it works for me…. Am grateful man….

  9. I can chart with my facebook frends from 2go, but the problem is dat i wil hav to login on d gateway each time i open 2go. Must i login everytime? Pls help me Oscar. 08145058528 pls

  10. I can chat with my facebook from 2go,d problem is dat each time i entered my username and password,they replied incorrect an my password and d username are correct.

  11. Dear Oscar,i came 2dis page as u instructed 2c if i av any reply but i cudnt c any reply. D problem there is dat i tried loggin on 2 2go facebook gateway,despite d fact dat i entered my correct facebook username&password,it keeps telling me incorrect username or password. I logged out 4rm 2go account,went 2my facebook account,changed d password & username. I den logged un2 2go&entered d facebook username&new password on d 2go gateway,still it is showing incorrect username or password. Wot do i do pls,

  12. I have sent several reports about the inability 2connect my 2go gateway with my facebook account and up till now i have not recieved any suggested solution to the problem.

  13. sir, having read all the suggestions you gave here on 2go facebook gateway, i applied all of them but my facebook gateway cant connect. I even used my friend’s phone to log into 2go and tried connecting yet, incorrect username or password continued displaying,pls help me on what to do. I’m on 2go majorly for the sake of the facebook gateway and if this problem persist, i’ll delete my 2go cos it’s of no use to me now. Thanks.

  14. i can't activate my gateway facebook chat. It says incorrect username n password...i need help... Add me @aniliz007

    plz am waitin 4 my solution….tnx

  15. oscar my man!it’s a plessure to meet you sir and i hope we are going to work hand in hand with each other.i’m only asking your email so that we can hook there.the reason why i’m asking you these is because i want your is concerning network solutins(creating web design and blog)

  16. my facebook gateway dont show anylonger on my frnds list. My username nd password are correct,it shows before but it altomatically stop.

  17. mine is when i tried to connect my fb accnt after putting my username and password i won’t get any onthe reply like ur password is incorrect or any other thing, i really need u r help

  18. my facebook gateway dont show anylonger on
    my frnds list. My username nd password are
    correct,it shows before but it altomatically.please what is the solution?


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