Uber provides comfort in transport, and it is quite affordable for customers. What makes Uber stand out is how they ensure their drivers maintain and clean the cars they use. Their drivers are professional, gentle and they always make you feel secure. But sadly, you should still expect some bad eggs. Luckily though, you will be able to report any driver that is taking away the convenience that the company preaches. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to report an Uber Driver.

Uber wants these drivers off the streets as much as you do, since they tarnish the image of the company. So see below for how to know a bad driver who is an Uber employee and how you can report them.

how to report an Uber Driver

How To Spot A Bad Uber Driver?

Before reporting an Uber driver, confirm if everything you see is in order. Uber drivers need to have a safe and decently-maintained car, obey traffic regulations and should never drive recklessly. However, these bad eggs do not play by the rules, and they tend to put you in danger during your trip.

Some of their bad behaviors are:

  1. Distracted driving.
  2. Breaking traffic rules.
  3. Speeding.
  4. Drunk Driving.

How To Report Irresponsible Uber Drivers?

Uber is a huge company and it has several drivers. If you ever come across an aggressive, reckless and rude driver, you are allowed to end the ride anytime you wish to and report them later. Uber will always test drivers before employing them, but at times, that does not stop the terrible ones from getting in.

1. Leave A Review

Reviews are a decent way to report Uber drivers. You can inform Uber about their bad behavior or other bad experiences during the ride. It could be that their vehicle was not clean, or it was faulty.

Reviews are according to a star system, ranging from one to five stars. Come up with a detailed review of why you gave the driver a very low rating. Uber will thank you for your review and do all they can to improve on it.

how to report an Uber Driver

2. Reach Out To Uber Support Through Email

This is better than reviews in terms of the seriousness of your issue with the driver. If you got really pissed off about something, send customer support an email.

If you feel a review does not cut it, reaching out to Uber to receive a reply is a way to communicate your feelings.

3. React To Uber Through Uber Critical Safety Line

Be aware that this line is used for just the absolutely severe cases. The line is open 24 hours, every day of the week. If your driver did anything to make you feel insecure or troubled, make the call immediately.

If he or she was simply rude or made a wrong turn at some point, a review should be handy. Just bear in mind that this line is strictly for emergencies. The number is 800 353-8237.

Decent reasons you should have before calling the line:

  1. The driver broke the law.
  2. The driver is threatening to hurt you.
  3. The driver was reckless.
  4. The driver was responsible for a traffic accident.
  5. The driver harmed or abused you.

Make sure you stay far away from any danger coming from the man or woman behind the wheel first and then dial local security. Reaching out to Uber should not be where it all ends. Involve the police.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to an Uber Driver. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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