Recently, I made a switch from Mac to Windows PC. After the switch I was bored to death because I was seriously missing all my iTunes purchases, yeah I mean my music, videos, photos and all of that. Thankfully though, I soon found that Apple had made iTunes for Windows PC.

itune on windows

The iTunes application for Windows generally gives you the ability to access all your files on iTunes directly from your windows PC. However, I wish there was a way to convert these DRM- protected shows, songs and films to work with any media player on Windows, but no, you’ll need to keep using iTunes in order to rewatch this content on your PC.
Anyway let’s see how I walked around my problem.

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How to Authorize Your New PC with Your iTunes Account

1. Visit and click Download.

2. Select Download Now , and you can uncheck the boxes if
you don’t want to get emails from Apple.

3. Open iTunes6464Setup.exe (this was the File you just downloaded from the Apple website).

4. Click Install, and select Yes when prompted during the

5. Select Finish.

6. Tap on Agree.

7. Select No Thanks or Agree. It makes no difference.

8. Tap the Account icon.

9. Enter your Apple ID and Password, and select Sign In.

That’s all. Your PC now has access to your iTunes purchases and it’s time for the real fun to continue.


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