It all happened on the 23rd of July 2013 when an idea hit me hard, and guess what, it was Aggressive Blogging. I had to put up a self challenge of making two quality blog posts daily for a period of 30 days. I informed you my faithful readers on my self aggressive blogging challenge (If you missed it, here is the link to the article: My 30 Days Aggressive Blogging Challenge).

how I grew my traffic by 68%

I was out to try something new in order to increase my blog traffic and earning. Though I quite expected it to bring about an increase in traffic, the result I received was really impressive and I’ll share with you the little secrets behind this huge success.

Traffic Results After Aggressive Blogging

  • General Blog Traffic Increase : 68% 
  • Search Engine Traffic Increase : 89%
  • Referral Traffic Increase : 48%
  • Direct Traffic Increase : 54%

Things I Did

1. Blog Consistently: From the previous blog post I made concerning the challenge, I was supposed to come up with 60 articles for the 30 days, but due to some circumstances beyond my control I skipped two days and this resulted in the total of 56 blog posts for the 30 days aggressive blogging challenge. Getting the content Ideas where not difficult in anyway, there are quite a lot of places to get blog content ideas and this really helped me.

2. Post Promotion: I only promoted the articles on my three social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Also, people shared the articles on their social media accounts and that also helped in building up Referral Traffic.

3. Guest Posting On Other Blogs: Guest blogging is a great idea to gain exposure to your blog, but due to my tight schedules and also having much work to do on my blog (In terms of writing), I was able to write only 3 guest posts on other niche related blogs. Though I never had a major spike in traffic due to referrals, but I sure do believe it gave my blog exposure to a new audience.

Things I Did Wrong

1. Post Promotion: Before this challenge, whenever I make a new blog post I usually shared it across wider bloggers communities such as JustRetweet, Bizsugar, ScoopIt, Google Plus Communities and Facebook groups. But during this Aggressive blogging period, I couldn’t promote my blog articles across these communities because I had to spend more time writing quality content. If I had promoted these articles as usual, I sure bet I would have gotten a better result in terms of blog exposure, traffic and earning. Anyway, that’s a lesson learnt the hard way, and I hope you learn from my mistake.

2. Keyword Research: I actually didn’t do enough keyword research in the challenge, I actually should have worked more on long tail keywords rather than go for competitive ones. Next time, i’ll make use of programs such as Market Samurai or Long Tail pro for my keyword research while working on such challenges.

Other Benefits Of The Aggressive Blogging Challenge To This Blog

1. Social Circles and Followers: We had quite a good number of new subscribers and fans and below is the metrics

  • Facebook: From 1272 to 1350 (78 New Fans)
  • Twitter: 1464 to 1471 (5 New Followers)
  • Email Subscribers: (147 new subscribers), despite no Ebook in form of a bait.

2. Alexa Ranking Boost: Before I got into the challenge, this blog was ranked 62,000 worldwide , but after the challenge, it has a rank of 51,000 worldwide.

3. Exposure to a larger audience

4. Ranking for multiple keywords

Conclusion & Lessons Learned

It is quite obvious that Aggressive Blogging can boost your blog traffic in a tremendous way if done properly. Next time i’ll be going on such a challenge, Guest Blogging and Post promotion would be on the top list of things to achieve. You can try this challenge on your own, maybe for a week and watch the magic it performs for your blog traffic.

I hope you do not miss the next challenge coming up soon on this blog, it would be another Aggressive Blogging Challenge (though in a new style), and 30 guest posts of 30 blogs all within a period of 30 days.

I hope you find this article helpful. Your comments are highly welcome. Cheers!


  1. Really amazing results bro, I always try to write 2 post daily but sometime only wrote 1 which decreases my traffic sometime.Thanks for this awesome inspiration article.Now i will surely 2 article per day.

    • It isn’t easy at all to write 2 quality post in a day but with determination, you can make it and there are lots of advantages that come with it like ranking higher in search results and great increase in direct traffic.

    • Promoting your blog post on social networks and blogging communities is a great way of reaching out to a wider audience and generating traffic to ones blog. You’ll be surprised by how much increase in traffic you’ll get when you try this on all your new posts. Thanks.

  2. Oscar, I can’t imagine writing that many posts and doing all the shares and engaging on social media in a short period of time. I would need another 10 hours in a day to make it happen. I try to write 2 posts per week and that’s enough for me at this time with a full time job. What was your average size post? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! 68% increase is quite huge…can just imagine hw much u earned with such a huge increase…Obviously aggresive blogging increases traffic and your strategy is worth trying…

    Am sure other Bloggers Will learn frm this..

    Have a nice day

    • Hi Kelvin,
      I was actually contemplating an Income report because this brought about an 80% increase in adsense earnings. It proved to be the right ath for me. Thanks for commenting and also do have a splendid day.

    • Hi Steph,
      I’m glad a new personality has taken the bold step into blogging. You are quite welcome, and always feel free to come back here for tips, you can always send in questions if you encounter any challenges.
      Happy Blogging.

  4. Hi Oscar, Thanks for sharing your experience
    the key i learned from you is be dedicated toward blogging to get success.
    another thing i noted you need not to follow numerous of social platforms top three that you followed will do the maximum.

    Thanks nice sharing

    • Hi Manny,
      You are one of the few people who quite understood the basics behind the success of this exerciser. I’m glad you could grab some tips, hope you can also implement them. Thanks and do have a splendid day.

  5. Hi Oscar,

    It’s great to see that your efforts are really giving results at the end, thanks for sharing your experience and tips which would help us to better present and promote our blogs.

  6. thanks for sharing tips oscar. i never heard about scoopit. i only use justretweet, blogengage and bizsugar. however, i only post seldomly in bizsugar since they only accept small business related articles

  7. Hi Oscar,

    Firstly heartiest congrats to you to achieve this great success…I’m always fond of aggressive blogging, though I have never been able to post more than 35 in a month…it’s always great to read success stories….I am sure that you’ll be able to complete your next target too, and you won’t your mistakes this time, and come up with even better results… of luck….

  8. Whoa!!
    Great story dude. I’m new here and your story is just INSPIRING. At last hard work paid off!

    These days I’ve been striving hard more time for promoting my startup and could not spend enough time for my blog. I am trying to change day by day and as you said I gotta more aggressive.

    Thanks again for the great share

  9. Hey Oscar
    Great thanks for sharing your blog traffic tips which i have got some hints from you and also i do share my post on bisugar,blokube and other communities and not much given importance for guest post which i need to change my presence of promotion Thanks

  10. Hi,

    Good to see your Challenge and its positive feedback. Guess after reading this article, I’m also planing to have a plan and task to do like you and see my growth.

    Thanks for sharing all the things which you did while during this Challenge.

    And also, you didn’t do any Blog Commenting ?? You just had build 3 backlinks through Guest Post ?

  11. Oh my God! Congratulation is in order….. I wish my blog traffic would increase the same as yours do if I copy your post, hope you won’t get mad! =D Thanks for sharing this post with us! 😉

  12. Its surely a good and profitable method but 2 articles per day for 30 days? And to saying that they were quality articles! Gosh! You really tried.

  13. Thanks for sharing your real traffic experience Oscar 🙂

    Yeah, am doing the same mistake like you, not doing the keyword research properly.

    Will try to implement it 🙂

    • Hi Ankit,
      Thanks for the compliment. And talking about the Long Tail Pro software, it is a tool every blogger should invest in. It is worth more than words can describe anyway. 🙂 . Thanks for leaving your valuable comment.

  14. 89% increase in organic traffic is truly amazing thing. What I felt hard about aggressive blogging is the inability to promote the posts after you publish. I wonder whether it is better to go for more promotion and get every benefits from each posts or go for publishing more posts so that little from each post will be huge in total.

    Anyway, congrats for your success and the results are worthy.

  15. wooow!!

    58 posts in 1 month!!!
    I really need to give this a try as I’ve never really done any of such before.
    Have you ever thought of doing an aggressive guest blogging challenge? Please if you ever want to start, do let me know so that we can do it together.
    Thanks bro.

  16. Nice one Oscar, the title of this post dragged me here, Guest posting is a sure way to improve your ranking and traffic. Thanks once again.

  17. Hello Oscar,
    A good article i have to say. My blog is new and i don’t have much traffic. Believe me use reddit it has helped me to attract lot of traffic lately.

  18. Hey Oscar,

    This challenge you imposed on yourself for thirty days is surely interesting. I am happy that you saw the benefits of such actions.

    But one thing i think you suppose to add to this post is to justify your earnings for that 30 days to the amount of efforts that were put into the challenge.

    Oloyede Jamiu

    • Hi Jamiu,
      Of a truth I tell you, the earnings was almost doubled. BTW, I’ll start a blog soon where I’ll be posting my Traffic and Income reports. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  19. I see… yes what you are saying is absolutely true. I made same mistakes this whole year with my blog and got much disappointment. Blogging constantly is key to success. and building relationship with your readers is also very important, weather it be in fb twitter or google+.
    If you are sucessfull in entertaining your readers, they will happily return.

  20. hi oscar,
    i like your post very much i am fully satisfied that this can happen because i have tried it to in my blog and i increased my traffic by approx 800% but the difference between you and me was i focused on keywords and make only one post a day for only 10 days. These 10 days chanced my whole vision on blogging.

    • Wow! That’s really a huge one. I think I’ll soon work on your strategy. Thanks for your contribution, you’ve inspired me into doing something new. Thanks for stopping by Samarth. Do have a great day friend.

  21. thanks oscar……..this is a great post about traffic……….this gives a chance to blogger to increase trafic…thanks a lot oscar…..:-)

  22. Hey Oscar,
    I have also committed myself to write 30 posts in month of Sep 13. But due to my tight schedule I could manage to write only 17 articles. But I got lots of content to promote on social media.
    Definitely self challenge work out if you follow. Thanks for nice post, I will try to do it again,

  23. Writing more often increases traffic 🙂 I too have a determination of writing 50 posts this month, although of a busy schedule, and i landed up here, someone has already utilised the technique. Great to know.

  24. Some excellent results and discipline to write 56 posts in 30 days. Nice work!

    Yes, I learning the importance of blog promotion and also seeing my traffic rise. I only post once/week, but should do a 30 day challenge and document everything.

    You just gave me an idea 🙂

  25. I can see that you are quite successful as a blogger. But I can see that you have not been ranked by Google. please how possible is this ’cause I am a newbie in blogging

  26. There are many powerful three-words sentences. Power-packed with lots of meanings. In this case, I have one for you: You Inspire Me. As a reward, I would follow the blog aggressively. I’ve already subscribed to the mobile feed. It’s now time to subscribe via email. You’re well worth it.

  27. Oh my 56 articles? That’s quite a lot. I used to blog daily too and I can attest that it does improve your blog rank. But due to work and other things, I only blog once a week and my rank definitely suffered. Congrats on the increase! Hopefully I can try this too. 🙂

    xx Daphne of

  28. Whew! 56 in 30 days? Got me pumped up just by thinking about it. I admire your energy and discipline in blogging – how I wish I could have read your blogs when I was way younger. Thank you for sharing, Oscar.

    • Hi Sylvester,
      No time is late either, now you read my blog you can also implement it and get decent results. Thanks for finding time to read and i’m excited you appreciate it. Thanks once more. 🙂

  29. great idea. I will really try that for my blog as well. lets see how it works since I do have much less followers before the challenge. I will definitely let you know how it worked 🙂

  30. Wow Oscar this is realy a great challenge.. I think i learnt something from it. Sometimes i try to write 3 post a week. Thanks for the tips

  31. Nice info, thanks for updating us with such awesome post, i don,t think i need to search on this review again on google. But also. About the keyword research, how is it done? see how Mobile Technology Can help your business

  32. hi,after reading all this i was really suprised and i
    which i can also do the same but i dint really know much about blogging please kindly email me for the step by step tutorials…….have a nice day

  33. Hi Oscar,

    An amazing challenge and inspiring result this is! SO inspiring, insightful and motivating. You know what I was like are you seriously kidding me, Oscar? You mean you actually did that? I’m not doubting you or something. Man! You want to know what I feel? You’s a machine! 🙂

    Another person I see does this consistently and get amazing result from it is Ryan – the amazing traveler. That guy is also a machine. He sometimes publish 4-5 times daily. That’s huge right?

    I hail you guys and soon, when I get my on laptop and connection. I’ll embark on this same challenge and will do well in notifying you about it.

    Thanks for the motivation brother!


  34. Hi Oscar
    You really did a great job for your blog traffic. Your article is really helpful for me as this will teach me that where I should avoid mistakes which you did as explained in the article. Thanks for sharing. Happy blogging 😀


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