What is Mobile Internet?

Mobile internet is one of the best things that ever happened to mankind. With the way technology is growing, everyone wants to access virtually all their accounts and transactions on their mobile phones rather than going to the queue at one place or the other in order to get it done. Mobile internet involves using your mobile devices to access the internet in order to perform several operations. With mobile internet, surfing the web is much faster and convenient.

Benefits of Mobile on SMEs

Benefits of Mobile on SMEs

The effect of mobile devices on SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) can’t be overemphasized. It is safe to say more orders and sales are generated via the mobile technology compared to the desktop. Everyone wants to access basic information and apps while on the go. For those that do business online, it is highly important they can attend to their customers anytime of the day. No one has 24hrs to sit behind their desktop computers in order to place orders or reply order (in case you are a seller online). One can easily reply order mails and perform several operations on the go with your mobile phones. Likewise buyers can also place orders anywhere they are as long as they have access to the internet on their mobile devices. There are several ways mobile has helped improved sales for SMEs

  1. Mobile Shopping Apps: There are several apps online you can download on your smartphones. Depending on the platform (Android, Windows or iOS) you are sure to get shopping apps available. Top e-commerce brands such as Jumia Market, Jumia Retail and Konga have shopping apps for their customers for easy and fast shopping experience.
  2. Mobile Adverts: A lot of online shoppers now receive newsletters on their mobile phones and various push notifications alerting them of new products arrivals or top trending products people are buying. With your mobile devices, you won’t have to miss any notification on your favourite seller once he or she uploads new products on their store. Different ways of receiving mobile adverts include SMS, email, and app notification.
  3. Payment Apps: Another positive thing to take is the ease of payment. We can all agree that it is very stressful queuing up at banking halls just to make a deposit or payment for a particular online transaction. Some of the common mobile payment apps include Google wallet, Apple pay, Quickteller, PayWithCapture, and more. With these apps installed on our mobile devices, we can easily make payments, transfers, and subscriptions.
  4. Accounting Apps: These apps help you manage your online store. They help you keep track of your order history, payment details, and much more. Basically they give you an overview of how you run your online store. With the use of your mobile device, you can always access your store details anytime you want, make some changes and updates without much stress. Some of these apps include QuickBooks, Wave, Sage One, Free Agent, Nutcache, and more.

If you own an online business and your mobile version or app isn’t ready, then you are not really ready to make huge sales. One of the most successful ways to improve your sales is through mobile apps. Discover more tips to make money from your online business.



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