Technological innovation can be nothing if not mysterious. So it was in fact with the launch of Pokémon Go, a great augmented reality game which smashed a bunch of world records and skyrocketed a strange engineering industry into the news headlines — all in just a couple of months of the release. Once we recall Pokémon Go’s hyper-viral triumph, the game’s programmer is stunned, game enthusiasts tend to be more passionate than ever before, and massive business is setting out to present augmented reality a fantastic, close look.

Pokemon Go Augments AR

As it creates a buzz around, Pokémon Go pushes VR behind and came up with a new AR technology. And no doubt it sets new trends in the industry and makes everyone interested in using augmented reality as a best when it comes to creating games and apps. experts studies revealed the same thing that how augmented reality is a better investment than virtual reality.

Who Knows It Would Go Beyond Imaginations?

Pokémon Go is a lot more than just an online game. It has proven itself to become a game changer. Just to illustrate, Apple Company CEO Tim Cook, a guy unknown to follow the crowd is amazed enough with Pokémon Go’s achievements to concentrate on Apple’s sources on augmented reality. By working with augmented reality the financial gain which is projected to achieve $90 billion by just 2020, he only may be onto something.

As he is the man of his true words, Nintendo and Apple announced that Pokemon go will be coming in Apple iWatch, and it happened. Moreover, the application will be related to the Series 2 release and it is being planned for late 2016. This is an interesting breakthrough in a technological realm; you can easily keep an eye on your health, yes Pokemon go does give you a healthy calorie-free life. The iWatch’s app version provides the stats about how much calories have your burnt while running behind Pokemon.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

From science fiction novels to movies and high tech games, virtual reality is not new to you. VR as tech enthusiasts like to call it short as “VR” has found a front seat in the mainstream of the technological innovation. And that’s the reason why this is not a bad idea to transform yourself being in a game in a real world, in fact, this is a fantasy you might be thinking of in your imaginations and ask “Is this possible ?”. Yes, indeed we made it possible, but there is someone in the dark sitting very next to VR the technological mainstream seat. Who is that?

Let’s get a dive into Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality.

AR stands for Augmented Reality, yes this is the next breakthrough which has been around in our lives. It is known as a close cousin of VR, as AR is a lesser known technology but it is proved to be a more advanced revolution in the technology realm. Although VR works by using a specific headset to submerge a user in a “virtual” reality of pictures and tunes, AR works by using visor-type headphones, specific glasses, or cellular devices that cover textual content and pictures in the user’s real environment.

This is how this combination brings the hype in different markets. If you think that VR is superior to AR, then you are wrong, because AR is enormously getting a buzz in technological war. As the AR industry, as we explained, is predicted to get $90 billion by 2020, the marketplace for VR technologies are likely to reach just $30 billion.

Would love to hear your thoughts as regards Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


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