Hi there, if you have ever wondered if it was possible to capture the screenshot of your android phone just like you’ll do on PC, then the answer to that is YES. I’ll teach you 2 simple techniques to take screenshots of whatever webpage or part of your android devices display you are on. The only help I’ll need from you is for you to grab your Android device and let’s get started.

Taking screenshots is something that really helps you remember what you have done with your device, for example when you are reading a tutorial like this you might end up frogetting what you’ve read and the only way out of this (instead of bookmarking the page) is to have the page contents captured to your image Gallery. Isn’t that great?

What You Need To Take Android Screenshots

1. An Android Phone

2. Internet Connection ( Optional )

3. Yourself 😀

Steps To Taking Screenshots On Your Android Device

The first method I’m sharing in this post works very well on almost all Tecno Android devices I’ve ever come across. It is quite very easy to take screenshots with this step.

BTW, going out of the context, I use this whenever I’m chatting on 2go to grab the images of those cool college girls which I don’t wanna ask for directly. lol. Isn’t this amazing?

Method 1

Back on track. To do this, hold your Android device firmly, press and  hold the Power Button + the Down Volume key all at once. The screenshot will be right there in you Gallery at the screenshot folder. That’s how simple this procedure is.

A demostration of this is in the picture below which a Tecno Android is been used :



Note: This method might not work for all Android devices but I can say surely it works on all Tecno Android devices.

 Method 2

The second method requires the installation of an android app known as WebSnap . Download, Install and launch the app.

After you must have launched the app on your android device, Enter the URL address of the web page you want to capture, wait for the  web page to  load, click the Camera icon to begin capture.  If you wish to capture a particular  area, just click on the crop icon and select where to capture on the screen and you’re done with your captures. You will only find the captured image in the folder My files > Device Storage > Web snap.

The two methods explained in this post work amazingly in capturing of ones android screen. Do you have other method, don’t you think you should share? Let us hear from you using the comment box below. Cheers.


  1. Nice tutorial you have here Oluwatobi. I actually thought I had something similar on this blog. Maybe I was wrong. 🙂 Thanks for the tut.

  2. A nice tutorial. Making screenshots on android smartphones has been made easier even without the apps. Anyway, thanks for the share.


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