It’s hot this time! This is a tutorial every android user would love. What tutorial is it that every android user would love? It’s “How To Change Mp3 Songs Album Art/Covers using your Android device”. Are you set for the tutorial? If yes then lets proceed

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How To Change Album Art/Covers On Mp3 Songs using your Android device

What can you change? One can change the Album names, Music Artiste, Album Cover etc.
There are lot of applications on Google Playstore they claim to do this, but there is an app that has been tested and confirmed by me and it’s working perfectly.

Most Nigerian music blogs use this application to change their album art. If you notice, whenever you download latest Nigerian music, you see customized cover photo.

Introducing to you iTag App. Now you know the name of this App let’s begin the tutorial, just follow the below steps to change your Mp3 songs Art/cover photo using your android device.

Step 1: Download iTag app by searching on Google PlayStore then install it.

Step 2: If you’ve installed it then lunch it. All the Mp3 songs in your phone will automatically load

Step 3: Click on any song you wish to edit, a page showing the current Album Art, some action buttons and of course some text box. Click on clear cover to erase current one then click on Pick Picture and select the photo you want to use.

You can also go further to change any other feature you wish but that’s by the way.

Step 4: Look on the top right corner you’ll see a folder icon, tap it to save.

Step 5: Now got any music player to see your new Mp3 packed well with your desired photo.

In no form does this tutorial support/encourage edit or change of any work copyrighted and backed by law. techribs being one of top tech blogs published this article for educational purpose and says; “It Schould Only Be Done On Personal Product/Job”. If you add album covers on other people’s songs Larry Frank and Oscarmini¬†shall not be held legally responsible for any form of suite filled against you as the case me be in the nearest future. You are liable to your actions.



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