Yeah, it does happen. You might have recently purchased a 9mobile line (formerly known as Etisalat) and you had to meet up with a friend who asks your number, boom, you don’t yet have it off the top of your head. As embarrassing as it might seem, we’re here to save the day with simple methods to know your 9mobile phone number at that instance using USSD codes.

How To Check Your 9mobile Number

So below are methods you can apply to get your 9mobile number displayed on your screen at no cost, though, this post wouldn’t be limited to the use of USSD alone as would be seen below.

2 Ways To Know My 9mobile (Etisalat) Number

Method 1: Calling or Texting a Friend

The first and easiest method should be an obvious one. All you need do is recharge your said 9mobile line with airtime, then use this line in calling or sending an SMS to a friend. Your number definitely would appear on the other person’s mobile phone and you can get your phone number this way.

Method 2: Dialing a USSD Number

This seems to be the simplest alternative most people would prefer. I think anyone who would go by the first method to check their 9mobile phone number would do so as a result of forgetting this method. So going straight to the point, here’s how to know your 9mobile phone number using USSD.

Dial *248# and your phone number would be displayed to you.

And there you have it. The easiest methods to find out or know your 9mobile number with the use of USSD or calling a friend method. Hope you did love this post and found it helpful. Some other posts you might love include


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