Did you buy an Android phone and you are countaplating if it’s been hacked, don’t too worry because today we will show you how you can differenciate between a rooted and an unrooted Android phone.check if your android is rooted or not
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Lemme quickly show you two major ways you can check if your phone is rooted or not.

How Can I Check If My Android Phone Is Rooted Or Not Using Manual Method

1. Open your app drawer by clicking on its icon.

2. Look for an app called Superuser or SuperSU. Either app will be installed during the rooting process; which one is on a rooted Andriod depends on the device. If either of these apps is on your device, it is rooted.

Superuser can temporarily block root access, while SuperSU has the ability to unroot a device and them remove itself. So if your device lacks any of this two apps, it means your Android phone is not rooted.

How Can I Check if My Android Phone Is Rooted using ConnectBot Or Root Checker

Mind you, Any of this two Apps works well. Just visit Google play and search for any of the two app or better still, Download ConnectBot here; and download Root Checker here.

Run the app on your device and read through the instructions carefully; You will be prompted with the text entry and if you see this sign (#), then your device is rooted but if you see sign like this dollar ($), then your device is not rooted.

But try entering the command “su” (without the quote marks). You might see a dialog asking for permission from the SuperUser app, which you can safely grant.

If the prompt changes to the (#) sign, you’re rooted.


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