Your Fitbit makes use of a 3-axis accelerometer for the counting of the number of steps you take on a daily basis. It basically aids the conversion of the recorded motion into renewable data. In this article, we explore a tutorial on how to check your step count on Fitbit.

Health experts have always spoken about the advantages of working for at least 2 to 3 hours every week, and for the older ones, trekking for at least 3 hours every hour is as effective as an aerobic workout. The other rampant metric used is the ten thousand steps, everyday goal.

how to check your step count on Fitbit. 

If you achieve ten thousand steps daily, experts say your health, in the long run, will not give you many problems. If you achieve 15,000 and above, that’s better.

But how exactly do you know the number of steps you have taken? Fitbit on your wrist can make this happen. It can monitor your steps, heart rate, sleep cycles and more.

How Can Fitbit Monitor Your Step Count?

Fitbits come with a 3-axis accelerometer. They can tell when they are heading forward or backward, sideways, up and down. And when you crunch the movement data it records, Fitbit knows when you are walking or just tapping your finger on a table.

Fitbit makes use of complex algorithms to determine when you move both feet, when you are in that Uber vehicle, or when your arms get moved but not your legs. It cancels motions it feels were not steps, therefore your step count at the end of the day will be massively accurate.

How Can I Check My Step Count On Fitbit?

To know the number of steps you got when the day is done, simply push the main button on the side of the Fitbit. Keep pushing the side button and click the screen to check out another statistic.

You are allowed to even pair the Fitbit application on your device or get into the dashboard of a PC, to see your steps every day and your step history. Head to “Activities” and tap “Today,” or select a date range.

There you have it –  a comprehensive tutorial on how to check your step count on Fitbit. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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