Did you ever know that it was possible to merge you Google Plus Account and Facebook Account in one, and as a result access both of them from the same tab in Mozilla firefox?

I made this simple and self explanatory post to be a guide for you to add your facebook account to google plus and get all the Facebook stream to Google plus.

All this can be achieved by the use of a plugin, and in a matter of minutes, your facebook stream would appear on your google plus account.

How to access Facebook through Google plus

You need to download and install a Plugin, or rather a Mozilla Firefox Addon Extention which would help you achieve this task.
You can download it from here.

Now install it into Mozilla Firefox.

Now login to your Google plus account

You will see a Facebook button on top (click on  button



  • and then click on  “ f Connect with Facebook ” (see in image )
  • Now click on Allow

Wow, you’ve simply added your facebook stream into your Google Plus account. Hit the share button if this ost was hhelpful.


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