Andriod devices and smartphones run one of the Best operating system in recent times. The only problem that this operating system faces is just a low number of application developers  (Update: as at time of post),  its file extension is .APK Format Apps, unlike Nokia and other devices with a very High Rate of app using .JAR Format.

Have you ever imagined or wished you could run some java applications on your Android smartphone, which you found interesting those days you made use of Nokia smartphones, if Yes, here is a solution. You can now convert Java application midlets into Android APK format and run them smoothly on your Android device.

learn how to convert JAR to APK

You can convert java applications into android applications (ie from .jar to .apk). This means you can now use any Browser not available for your Phone on your device, Most Nokia Apps can now Run on your Device.

How can I convert .jar applications to android .apk format? Here are the steps

Follow this Simple Steps to Convert jar Applications for your Andriod Use Successfully.

1. You have to Download the .Jar Apps to your PC.

2. Now, Visit HERE , You will see lot of Upload Form.

3. In the Option Two Form, Use the Upload Jar to Browse your .jar File on your PC, Leave every other thing as it is.

4. Then Click on the Get Apk Button below the Forms, You Apps should be Proccessed and Available with the .APK Format.

5. Download and Transfer to your Andriod Devices and Start Using.

Haolla!! Have fun and convert all those wonderful jjava applications into apk for your Android Smartphones.

Your comments are highly welcome. Tell us the applications you just converted and please and make sure you share this post with friends on facebook, twitter, Google plus. You can subscribe for my Email updates.


  1. Hello, I’ve tried converting Tenchu: Ayame’s Tale 3D but the game simply refuses to run. I tried on my old HTC G1 and my newer Samsung Galaxy S and both can’t run the game, giving out the same error:

    Error iniciating TenchuMidletcjava.lang.VerifyError: C
    TenchuMidlet.startApp(Unknown Source)
    javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet.callStartApp(Unknown Source)
    com.netmite.andme.MIDletRunner.starMidlet(Unknown Source)

    Contact the author of MIDlet

    Any clue why this happens?

  2. I have tried to upload like 11 jar files to the site you have listed and it keeps giving upload error is there a problem with the site at this time or something

    thanks for help

  3. why this is not working ,firstly i uploaded .jar file after that i clicked on getapk option and after a long time it asked to download the apk but as i started downloading it showed download failed i repeated the process many time but got nothing without wastage of time plz fix this issue and help me

  4. it keeps failing. does it use java? my chrome browser doesnt support java applets and i cant find an extension to fix that.


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