For all those Tech Savvy gurus who can find their way around their webhosting cPanel, this is not for you. I received a mail yesterday from one of our avid readers, asking me to make a guide on how to add a subdomain to any domain he hosts.

Hi Oscar,
I am one of your avid readers at . Please I tend to find difficult creating subdomains in my cPanel. After checking for a How To guide on your blog for that and didn’t find one, I decided to send you this mail. Please I would greatly appreciate it if you can make a guide on How to Add a Subdomain in cPanel.

Here is how to simply add a sub-domain to any domain name (addon or root domain) hosted on your webhosting server space.

  • Login to your webhosting cPanel, then in the Domains Tab, click on Subdomain.
    domains tab in cPanel
  • Now, from the image below. In the box for Subdomain (I labelled it 1), type in the subdomain you wish to use.
    In the drop down box I labbelled 2, select which of your hosted (Addon domains) you wish to add a subdomain to.Then click on Create.creating-a-subdomain-in-cpanel
  • And you are done.

Isn’t it quite simple? You have successfully created a subdomain for any domain name (Addon or root) hosted on your web server.


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