As we all know, the Android OS is one of the most used mobile operating systems in recent times, thus, it would be great fun and also a means to promote your blog if you can create an Android App for your blog. I would give a run through to learn how you can create your own mobile blog Android Application without any codin functions been involved.

how to create an Android App for your Blog

How to create an Android App for your Blog

  1. Visit, now click on the CREATE APP button.
  2. Fill the required columns with the information required.
    – in Website URL, type in your blog.

    – in App Name type in the heading of your blog, or the name you would like to give to your app.
    – in Description, write the description of your blog.

    – in Icon, Upload the .png file you would like to be the icon of your blog’s app.

    – in Screen orientation, it depends on your blog.

    – in Category, Select the category you wish.

  3. Now, you have to fill in the specified details or alternatively connect with Facebook to login.
  4. Simply click on “Test Your App” which will download the apkfile of your application. Transfer the apk file to your Android OS mobilephone and Run.

I hope you find this post helpful. Why not head off to create an Android App for your blog at once.



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