It’s no news that some Android applications are premium and require payment before use or download. It can be very frustrating seeing the application you want to download, and you can’t afford it, But now i’m going to show you a little trick you will be using to download paid android application for free.

Now i think you are set to know how to do this, i did this for my friend last week and felt i should share it with you guys.Paid android apps for free


So How Can You Download Paid Android Applications For Free

Firstly you need to download a software called blackmart alpha which will help you download any paid Android application for free. It can also be handy when it comes to getting applications that you are restricted to download for your android device, as it will five you access to installed them on your android device.

After downloading and installing the app, launch it and locate the paid application you want to download and click on download and watch how your application will download

Note: This application is just a trial version, so for you to make use of it forever you need to read How To Use Software Trial Program Forever

Hope this post was helpful? If you have any issues with this, do let us know using the comment box below.


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