Prov files as some of you already know are provisioning files which are used to configure Nokia s40 java phones for internet connection. In this post,i’ll be teaching how to create Prov files online, offline and also how to edit them to your own details, which makes it more fun.

How to create prov files offline

This should be the easiest means of creating prov files. It involves you downloading a Java Proxy Generator. After you’ve downloaded it, install it to your PC, run it and follow the dialogue box instructions that appear. It’s quite easy to create a prov using this software. You can download it HERE.


How to create prov files online

This involve you visiting a website, you would be asked to input the details of the prov you would like to create such as the Access Point, Internet Protocol (IP), Port number. Once you fill in the form correctly, you can then proceed to generating the Prov file, then you can download the file for usage.

Incase you do not know the IP, Access Point and Port of Nigerian ISPs, here is A list of Nigerian Networks default configurational setting to use.

This link shows you how to create your prov online.


How to Edit prov files

You can edit an already configured prov file on any mobile phone that can run java applications.

Things required are, Mini commander ( a java application to edit the prov)

– A prov file (Download Here)

Steps to Edit Prov files

1. Open your mini-commander application, after installation on your mobile phone.

2. Locate the prov file you want to edit (that is the prov file you downloaded, you could make copy for backup in case you mess up with the file).

3. Press 4 then 2 and okay to open, then press 5 to edit. Change the port from 8080 to yours, then ip from, then access point(apn) from to yours, you can read A list of Nigerian Networks default configurational setting for reference.

4. Now press your right soft key and select save. And that’s it, your prov is done.

Hope by now you can Create your prov offline and online and also Edit prov files all by yourself. Please do let us know where every you are having issues.



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