Accept guest author registration in wordpress

A lot of people out there tend to find it difficult to configure there wordpress blog into a multi-author blog, but this is one of the simplest things you can easily setup in less than 5 minutes using the WordPress CMS.

Take for instance, let’s assume that you wish to accept guest posts on your blog, but you are thinking of the process whereby a guest author has to register a contributor account on your blog where they can easily contribute an article for review. Here it the guide you’ve been searching for, follow the simple rules i’ll give below.

This process would automatically set all new user registrations to the Contributors member rights or group so that they can submit articles for review and not publish the blog post.

Steps to Allow Guest Members on WordPress

  • Simply Login to your WordPress Dashboard, then click on Settings > General , on the left sidebar.
  • Now scroll to Membership and click on Anyone can Register checkbox.
  • Then in New User Default Role select Contributor.
  • Click on Save changesĀ button to save.

And that’s it. your blog is now open to Guest Author registration. If this tip was helpful, please use the share buttons to let your friends know about it.


    • Hi Johnnie,
      Make sure you enable email verification for every user registration and then include Akimset plugin. One other plugin you might want to consider installing is the Math Captcha. They would help a long way.


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