You might have once upon a time wanted to recover a password which you used in making a registration online but all to no avail, well, did you know you can still recover your password if you clicked on Remeber Password while filling the form. With Mozilla Firefox Web browser, here is an easy way to recover such passwords.

mozilla password recovery

Recovering Passwords in Mozilla Firefox

You can Easily see the Password in Mozilla Firefox without using software,

  1. Launch your Mozilla firefox Web Browser, then Click on Tools.
  2. Select Options Tab.
  3. Click on Security
  4. There would be an option in the second box titled “passwords”, it will be displayed as “SHOW PASSWORDS , Click on it.
  5. Now You will see the user name and password.

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  1. I do this mostly and has een helping me because i see myself registering on many site a day which i cannot even remember theor password,but with this feature,am covered


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