It is a sure fact that every blog aims at getting a high ranking in Search Engine Results, and also would love to build quality backlinks for Pagerank. A good way to do this is by commenting on blogs that link back to one of your post and that’s this list comes into play.

dofollow commentluv list

Any blog making use of the CommentLuv plugin, would give a link back to your site as long as you comment on their blogs. But one thing about this is, most blog’s set the links given back to you as No-Follow. But there are also blogs which give out free Do-follow backlinks, and they are what we are going to be searching for right away.

I’ll give you a guide to finding do-follow comluv enabled blogs where you can make comments and get back quality backlinks to your blog for increase in Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) and also increase in your Pagerank.

How To Get Dofollow ComLuv Enabled Blogs

  1. Visit  CommentLuv Enabled Blog Search.
  2. Enter your email ID and sign up to CommentLuv Newsletter Subscription (required).
  3. Confirm subscription from verification Link sent to your email.
  4. Again Visit CommentLuv Enabled Blog Search, enter your email ID and you’re done.

Now on the Commentluv Enabled Blog Search, search for any topic, any blog returned in the search is a Comluv enable blog. You can now leave your contributive comments on such blogs so that the webmaster or blog authors can approve your comments. This is a great we to build quality and wonderful dofollow backlinks to your blog.

Their are lots of benefits in dofollow backlink building, why not use this opportunity to start building your blogs SERP, Pagerank and reputation online using this simple trick explained above.

I hope this helps.


  1. @ oscar, this is a cool tip about comment luv. Most blogs that are having comment luv enabled in them do offer no follow link but in my own blog, i am offering my user a do following link.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi, Oscar, This has proven to be a great resource to finding comluv dofollow enabled blogs for me. I have started implementing this in backlink building and page rank building. Thanks

  3. Superb. Thank a lot for writing this. The list of dofollow comluv blogs would be necessary in my building backlinks and also to improve my PageRank. Thanks Oscar

  4. Thanks for this post Oscar. I love commenting on blogs, as its ads to a discussion beyond just the article’s content and since not many bloggers beyond those that have studied and implemented online marketing tactics use them, this is an excellent way for us in other niches to get backlinks.

  5. I love blogwalking and give comments..same goes to my blog when someone give comment it feel really appreciated for that with commentluv premium atleast I can reward my loyal reader.

  6. Love your site. Thank you for posting that. I’ll definitely return here to see what’s new and tell my acquaintenances about this site.

  7. This is my first time on this blog. I must say that it is a great design. Now to the post.

    You shared great insights. Googles PR checker is also a great tool to determine the PR of the commentluv blog you comment on. A high PR will pass more authority to you

  8. Not only me but everyone who is in the online marketing know the importance of dofollow blogs. Dofollow blogs are quite necessary in order to increase the search engine ranking of our sites but it’s really hard to find. I always search over the web for the ways through which i can accumulate more and more dofollow blogs. And this you gave me few more ways. Thanks for sharing these great tips of finding dofollow blogs. I hope all readers of this site will be benefited by these tips.

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