An issue most Xiaomi Mi3 device users tend to talk about is the Android booting loop issue. Here your Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone starts restarting itself or it gets stucked to the Android boot loop or Logo screen. This is something similar to blackberry hanging but here on we also found a solution to blackberry hanging and here today wa also come with a solution to the android booting loop issue on your Xiaomi MI3. In a situation where your android phone keeps rebooting or hangs, you should be aware that it has a boot loop issue, probably this fault must have made you feel that your Xiaomi M3 android smartphone but no it doesn’t all you need do is to follow the tutoriaal below and start enjoying your smart gadget.

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Guide To Fix / Solve Xiaomi Mi3 Android Boot Loop Issue

Step 1: (a)
for those of you whome your Xiaomi Mi3 phone is has this problem and while rstarting it takes you to your home screen after the restarting loop. just go to Update and then press the menu button and select “Reboot to Recovery Mod” option.

Step 1: (b)
If at all the phone stuck on the Xiaomi Mi3 logo. Then you are to turn the phone off by pressing the power button and then turn it on by holding the “volume UP +power ” button after a few seconds in order for the phone to boot into recovery.

Step 2:
If you have passed the step 1, you should be in recovery mode, so once you are in recovery mode. Now select “English” from the menu.

Step 3:
Once you select English, on the next menu, click on the “Wipe & Reset” option.

Step 4:
Now select Wipe all Data on the next screen.

Step 5:
Then click on Yes on the confirmation page (Note: This will start erasing the settings and data on your phone).

If you are done with the whole processes, go back to the main menu of your Xiaomi Mi3 smarttphone, then restart the Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone.

Whats Next? Your Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone will boot straight away to your home screen without any booting loop or continuous restart, and your smart phone will be normal again.


    • yeah i am doing that
      when i press volume up key + power button (when my is off) it gives me one small vibration and just after few second 3 moe vibration and this keep repeating on and on (while still holding both button)
      and I am using Xperia S

  1. see when i on my phone it shows sony as usual. after that it shows that XIAOMI.COM logo for few seconds then restart it self and this keep on repeating
    so as the instraction says above
    i switch off my phone when this logo come by pressing power + volume up button ( only holding power button doest do anything here)
    and after its power off i press volume up the power nd hold it together justb like u said but it doesnt take me to the recovery mode.
    it just give me one vibration and then 3 vibration more nothing else.

  2. I use volume down+power n it work, it show the system recover, soo i choose the option wipe data/factory reset, after i choose all that it format n then i reboot again n still it stuck on logo.. i gave sometime to load and still it stuck on logo.. any idea what wrong? plissss help me..

    • Hi Pele,
      If you’ve done just the above steps and your device is still stucked at the logo, then run a thorough flash with your PC and re-install your Operating System.

      Thanks for dropping a comment, please either way it goes let me know here, via the comment section.

  3. Hi There !!

    I tried this recovery mode and clearing all data method but even after that my MI3 is stuck and does not start. It is stuck at MI logo. How to solve this ?

    • do you solve your problem can u help me ?i got stuck in milogo even i tried to hold and press d powerkey and volumeup key… 🙁
      pls help me tnxin advanz

  4. I tried the above complete steps and once it rebooted i got the initial screen of configuring the device that i did when i got the new phone. But after every few seconds again the device is rebooting.


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