You just suspected your tecno android device has contacted virus or your tecno android phone is having some malfunctions, and you wish to format your tecno android phone.

Here i will show you a very easy way to format your tecno android phone but firstly you’ll have to remove your memory card though your files in your memory card won’t be erased but prevention is better than cure.

Let The Tutorial Begin
This is the most easiest method i know of which you can you to format/hardreset you tecno android phone
* Switch off the Android device first.

* Hold the POWER key,together with the down or Upper volume key to power the phone and start the resetting process immediately.

* A command like window with sometimes a green text appears in the Android screen during formatting proccess.

* Use the up/down arrow key to scroll screen and use the Power key to select.

* Then Select WIPE DATA and the phone will reboots after some few minutes.


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