Is your Nokia java or symbian phone having any problem and you think it’s caused by malware/virus. You are thinking of how to flash your phone. Probably if you go to flash your phone you’ll be charged N500 and that isn’t big but you can use your money for something else as I’ll show you how you can flash any nokia Java phone and Symbian phone yourself.

Let’s go to tutorial on how you can flash your Nokia phone by yourself. Just follow the below steps to get this done.

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There are two methods I’ll be showing you.

# First Method:
Type *#7780# this will restore factory of your Phone but your files will still be intact.

Type *#7370# this will automatically erase all your file.

Note: The above method would require your security code, in a situation where you’ve fogotten your security code. What do you do? I guess you try the second method.

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#Second Method:
This method doesn’t require a password or what so ever, it wipe’s your phone freely. Lets see how to do it.

Switch off your phone, put in on using the following buttons (3 + * + send + On). If you hold these buttons together to on your phone it will automatically erase all your file. In my area these two above methods are called “Hand Flashing”.

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The second method only works for Nokia Symbian Phone.
Hope It helped?



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