Norton Hack
This hack method involves the use of an antivirus.
No pc is needed in this case such as the Dr Webs Method of Hacking Phones

Please note that you have to delete any Antiirus on your phone before you perform this operation. After the hack, you can then install them back.

1. Download the hack tools HERE

2. After download, open the zip file with xplore, you will see 2 files there,

– Norton_hack_Symbian.sis

– RomPatcherPlus_Lite_signed.sisx

Extract them, Then install Norton hack symbian.sis

3. After installing it, open it, press option Antivirus >> Quarantin >> Quarantin list

4. In Quarantine list. You will see 3 files, in each of them, press option and select Restore. Until the list is empty

5. Exit the antivirus and delete it.

6. Install the RomPatcherPlus_Lite_signed.sisx

7. After that, open it press ok, then press option. Select Alpatches >> apply all.

Your phone is now Hacked!

Drop comments on any problems you encounter.

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