Before we start, I’ll like to tell you what a RAM is for those of you who don’t know what it is. RAM is an abbreviation for “Random Access Memory”. It’s a form of computer data storage. A random-access memory device allows data items to be read and written in roughly the same amount of time regardless of the order in which data items are accessed.

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In a computer with a small RAM, you always encountering unknown popup on your android, like “Sorry Application has Stopped”, or other related notifications. Why? This is due to the shortage of RAM memory of your device.

Why Do You Need A Big Ram For Youe Device?

+ For multitasking in our device, by fasting the procedure. You can minimize and use large applications without recieving an error message

+ Fast Internet acccess. With a low RAM, Even if you use 4G it would lead to poor internet connections.

+ Enhanced printing of your files.

+ Easy and fun video editing being optimized to the bream.

+ Tired of slow games? A Higher RAM memory also helps in boosting the speed of the game play.

+ Good RAM Memory also helps in terms of computer networking.

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I suppose if you’ve seen some benefit of having a large RAM which I stated above you’ll surely want to upgrade your RAM memory if your’s isn’t large enough. Let’s proceed.
I’ll be showing you two methods you can use to upgrade your RAM. It’s the Manuall and inviting a third party/App. Let’s start from the manual method.

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First Method: (The Manual Method)

This method doesn’t require you to root your android device, surely it’s a cool method for those who havn’t rooted there android device. Below are the tips to manually boost the RAM memory of your android device.

+ Don’t use of Live wallpaper on your Android device. This will help stop the hanging of your android device. Why? Because the use of Live wallpapers shortenes the RAM memory of our device.

+ Don’t run irrelevant apps. Why? Because apps that’s not in use reduces the memory of your RAM. All you have to do is force the apps to close. How? By moving to settings-> Apps, then close those apps that’s not in use from there.

+ You can also force the close of bloatwares apps with the above procedure.

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Second Method: (The Third Party Method)

There are lot of third party apps that helps to boost the RAM memory of any android device, but I would be talking of two which I recommend.

RoehSoft RAM Expander: RoeSoft RAM Expander is one of those best Android RAM expander app. It helps to boost the RAM memory of your android device, It’s a reliable apps when you come to RAM management.

This app works mostly on rooted android device. You can Download the cracked version of Roehsoft RAM Expander here.

Smart RAM Booster: The Smart RAM booster is yet another reliable app that helps in increasing the RAM memory of your android device. Guess what? This app works on non-rooted android device. With just one click, the Smart RAM booster gets to increase the RAM memory of your device. I know you love it, get Smart RAM booster from here.

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Which method did you use and how did it work for you? Let us know.


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