In our last discussion we talked of How To Increase Your Android Ram Memory and today we’ll be discussing on how to install a custom ROM on your Android device. In this tutorial we’ll make it very easy to understand by giving a step by step guide of how to find and install a Custom ROM on your Android Phone.

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What is ROM? ROM is an abbrievation word for “Read Only Memory”, the version of ROM that comes with your brand new Android Phone’s OS is called “Stock ROM”.

What Is Custom ROM? Following the meaning of custom you should get a clear understanding of what a Custom ROM is. A Custom ROM is a kind of ROM that is customized by someone probably a Modder or a Developer.

What Are The Advantaged of Using A Custom ROM?

  1. You can upgrade your Phone’s OS to a better version.
  2. It enables one to install Apps to SDcard.
  3. Enhances the performance of your Android phone.

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Does Using A Custom ROM Affect Nagatively?
Let’s see

  1. If not carefuly done you might brick your Andriod phone. It’s adviceable to go for a tested ROM.
  2. Custom ROMs could have bugs.
  3. This might void your Phone’s warranty.

Disclaimer: Larry Frank and techribs do not take responsibility for any damage you might inflict on your device if you don’t follow the tutorial properly.

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I hope you’ve read the disclaimer, so you better follow the below steps properly. Back to business let’s know what this tutorial requires.

  1. Rooted Android Phone. If you have not rooted your Android device you can see how to root an android device Here.

    If at all you didn’t find a suitable tutorial for rooting your phone, let us know using the comment box below.

  2. ROM Manager App. You can download it Here.

    It helps in backing-up, flashing and restoring of ROMs. After you must have installed your ROM Manager App, launch and go to Flash ClockworkMod > Backup Current ROM.

    Then confirm Phone Model; a success page would appear with: “successfully flashed clockworkmod recovery”

    Note: You will have to flash recovery image.

  3. It’s now time to checkout the new ROM you wish to run on your android device. Download the ROM you want to try on your Phone’s SD Card. To know what ROM is compactable with your phone, you can make a thorough Google research. Although, a list of ROMs would be shown to you, so you may choose anyone compatible with your phone.

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    NB: CyanogenMod is compatible with most Android phones.

  4. Download the ROM image you selected (zip archive) and copy it to the Root of your Phone’s SD Card.

    Note, do not unzip the file, rather copy it as it is. After copying or moving to the Root, you can then proceed to flashing it by launching the ROM Manager App again, click on “Install From SD Card”.

    Click on the ROM and you will see popup telling you to backup existing ROM.

    Note that you should only wipe data and cache if you want to do a clean installation. It won’t wipe your SD Card data but your Phone’s.

If you have completed the steps above then you have installed or loaded a custom ROM on your rooted android smartphone.


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