Microsoft officially lunched the next version of windows, probably it was supposed to be windows 9 as expected by every one but instead if was rebranded to windows 10. Now I guess you’ll love to install these OS on your computer, I won’t advice you to instl this OS on your computer which you use for work, you can give it a try on your primary computer. You can use a test computer or a virtual machine.

Okay! You get that? Here I’ll guide you through how you would be able to install windows 10 on your PC, actually it’s not different from how you install every other windows OS. Lets Proceed..

Windows 10


How To Install Windows 10 on Your Computer
Follow the below steps to install windows 10 to your coputer.

  • Firstly join the Windows Insider program and download the Windows 10 ISO image Here
  • If you are installing on a regular PC, Burn it to an optical disk or create a bootable USB flash drive. Otherwise, just attach the ISO image using the virtual machine software of your choice.
  • There’s nothing much left what you just have to click on next almost althrough.

Ok I’ll give you the complete guide with screenshots so that you’ll be able do go throygh it without any error. But remember it’s just the next on the screen you’ll click almost althrough.

=>> After putting on your computer you’ll see a screen like the one below.

=>> Click “Next” and the Install now button screen will be displayed. Here you’ll have an option to upgrade Windows or install a new custom install. Remenber we recommended that you install into a virtual machine or on a test PC, so it’s recommended you select custom.

=>> Now choose where to install Windows 10. You can can create a new partition. For those using virtual machines, simple click Next.

=>> Sit and watch as it installs.

=>> Wait for the PC to reboot again, you’ll be able to select the settings whether Windows Updates are enabled (they are not allowed to be disabled in the preview). So its better you just use the express settings.

=>> And now you can sign into your Microsoft account. I recommend using a Microsoft account, otherwise you won’t be able to use half of the new features and you may as well use Linux or stick with Windows 7.

=>> If you’ve properly setup your account, probably you’ll be asked to verify it in the middle.
Those steps have been excluded from this tutorial as they are very simple.

=>> Here you’ll be asked how to setup the PC. Choose to set it up as a new PC instead since we wanted to test everything as a new computer, anyway you could copy all your settings from another computer if you wish to.

=>> I intentionally left OneDrive as it is nicely integrated into Windows.

=>> Now A Colorful screen displays, telling that things are happening.

Yeah! You are finally at the desktop meaning it is done. You can now tour your windows 10 interface by clicking the start button.

Congratulations you have succesfully installed Windows 10 OS on your computer.


  1. Hi Larry,
    Easy and practical tutorial this is! It would be cool installing and viewing what the latest version of the Windows Operating System has to offer. Thanks for the link to the Windows Insider Program!
    I have shared this comment in where this post was found.


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