Facebook is a great place to promote your online business and having a fanpage with lots of likes really help in taking your online business to the next level and every body wishes to have an engaged fanpage on facebook but it’s not that easy getting lots of likes at a go.

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Do you know that inviting your friends to like your facebook fanpage can skyrocket the number of your facebook like? I have the login details of a female friend who has over 3K friends and almost 1k follower, guess what i did, i used this method to invite all her friends and you know what happend? Over 300 likes turned in that same day.

You can also try thesame method I used and see the effect on your facebook fanpage. Now lets go to the main reason why we are here.

How To Invite All Your Friends To Your Facebook Fanpage With Just A Click

Step 1. Goto any of the pages you want to invite your friends to. You can also like my personal facebook fanpage Facebook.com/LarryFrankyor also use this method on it. LOls..

Step 2. Right click on any place on the page, click on Inspect element.

Step 3. Now click on ‘Console’

Step 4. Download the code HERE

Step 5. Mark and Copy the code (CTRL A then CTRL C), then Paste (CTRL V) the Below code in It and Hit Enter.

What else? Sit back and watch it read till your whole are Invited!!



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