Twitter, one of my favorite social networks and mediums of driving targeted traffic to this blog, though has got a simple interface yet people tend to get it difficult finding their way around this micro blogging platform.

discover who mentioned you on twitter

I recently received a mail from one of our readers, where he directed a question saying he wanted to know who mentioned him in their tweets and how find this out from the social media site.

In this instructable, I will guide you through the easiest way to know who mentioned you in their tweets on tweeter.

How To See Your Mentions On Tweeter

1. Simply log in to your twitter account with your correct login credentials.

2. On the twitter navigation bar which can be found at the header, you’ll notice 4 obvious icons, namely;

i. Home
ii. Notifications
iii. Discover
iv. Me

Now, we will be focusing our attention on the 2nd icon, which is the Notification icon as that’s where you’ll find your mentions.

3. Click on the Notification link at the navigation tab, and a new page would be loaded with the various tweets that have you mentioned.

Not only does the Notification page display the tweets you were mentioned in, it also displays the latest people that followed or UN-followed you on twitter.

I hope you find this little tutorial on discovering who mentioned you on twitter helpful. Feel free to let us know your views using the comment box below.


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