Sometime ago I decided to connect my twitter account with my Facebook account so that all my tweets will automatically be published on my Facebook timeline, after I was through with doing it, I thought it would be nice I share it with you guys.How-to-Connect-Your-Twitter-and-Facebook-Account-and-Vice-Versa-2

Today i will be sharing with you on how you can link your twitter account with your Facebook account, making all your twitter updates appear on your Facebook timeline.


Follow The Below Steps To Get This Done

  • Make sure you are logged in to your twitter account then look at the top right hand side drop down menu and click on Edit Profile
  • And a page will open just scroll down the page and you will see where they wrote ‘Connect to Facebook’ then click it.
  • Then a pop window will display on your screen asking you to allow twitter access your profile

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  • But if you are not logged in to your Facebook account it will bring a pop up on your screen asking to you login with Facebook.
  • Then after login in a pop will show on your screen again asking you to allow twitter post on your behalf then click allow and you are done with connecting your twitter to your Facebook account.

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Congratulations you have successfully connected you twitter account with your Facebook account.



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